B.Braun Micro-Dismembrator U Ball Mill Schwingmühle Homogenisator 50..2000 1/min

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Manufacturer: B.Braun

Model: Micro Dismembrator U Ball Mill


The Mikro-Dismembrator U is a laboratory scale, vibration grinding mill. It can  be used for efficient fine grinding, homogenizing and mixing of small sample volumes, for instance. It can be used for any application which requires  efficient and reproducible grinding and mixing of a sample, is suitable for the  MikroDismembrator U. The Mikro-Dismembrator U allows shaking frequencies of up to 2000 1/min.
Applications include contamination-free preparation of samples for trace element  analysis, the disintegration, homogenizing and effective mixing of organic and inorganic materials, or the grinding of samples for isolation of DNA, RNA and  proteins, for instance. Dry or wet milling and even treatment of frozen samples is possible. Depending on the material characteristics, the final fineness of  the sample can be about 1 µm. Samples disrupted with the Mikro-Dismembrator  Umay also be used for isolating DNA, RNA or proteins.


• Grinding of teeth, bones, frozen skin and similar materials for tissue  analysis (histology, toxicology, forensic medicine).
• Disruption of parts of plants (leaves, needle-leaves, small fruits, seeds or  grains) for trace element analysis in environmental research).
• Disintegration of soft tissue (even when frozen) for histology.
• Disruption of microorganisms, yeast cells or tissue cell cultures (in  microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology, proteome and genome research).
• Grinding of pigments (dye industry).
• Grinding of other tough materials (leather, etc., even when frozen).

Specifications Drive Unit:

Shaking amplitude: 16 mm (constant)
Shaking frequency: 50 … 2.000 1/min
Timer: 00:01 … 98:59 [Min:Sek]
continuous operation when set to 99:59 [Min:Sec]
Interference suppression: Class N

Specifications Housing:

Dimensions (WxHxD): 297 x 259 x 205 mm
Weight: 19 kg
Material: sheet steel cover with acid-proof coat of lacquer
Mains supply; Separate cable, about 1 m, for grounded socket, with 3-pin female  plug

Items delivered:

- B.Braun Micro Dismembrator U
- Power Cord
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The balance is in very good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested.

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