Brandel PXR-96-MS Programmable Plate Liquid Dispensing System 96 Well 10-999 µl

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Manufacturer: Brandel, USA

Model: PXR-96-MS Programmable Plate Dispensing System


Brandel's Micro Dispensing Systems offer high efficiency, repeatable accuracy  and maximum flexibility ? at a cost far below most dispensers currently on the  market.
MicroDispensers consist of a Dispensing Unit and a separate,  Pump/Controller with keypad. Dispensers can also be operated by  remote computer using the Controller's built-in RS232 port.

PXR - For dispensing viscous solutions such as scintillation cocktail


? Delivers user defined volumes between 10 and 999 µl
? ±5% relation to calibration with ±3% repeatability
? Configuration for 96-well plates
? Operations are menu driven. Simply enter the volume you wish to deliver and  set pump dial to dispense.
? Critical components are made of Teflon, stainless steel or Teflon-coated  aluminum to resist corrosion.
? MicroDispenser and Pump/Controller occupy less than 18 x 18. in. of bench  space
? Dispensing manifolds can be easily interchanged.
? Liquids of similar viscosity can be used in the same MicroDispenser.
? Reversible pump clears the system and saves solution.
? Dispenser can be operated remotely, through an RS232 port, or from controller  keypad.
? Self-priming delivery manifold, Teflon delivery tubing
? Digital speed control
? Power Supply 220V
? MicroDispensers include one-year warranty and full factory support.
? Custom configurations for 6, 12, 24, 48-well plates and others upon request.

Items delivered:

- Pump Control Unit
- PXR-96 MS Dispensing Unit
- Power Cord
- Underlay base for liquid safety (not pictured)

The System is in very good cosmetic condition (just 1-2 scratches on top) and  all tubes are very clean (as it's to see on the photos).
It's 100% functional tested!
Ready for your use!

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