Büchi Syncore Q-101 Polyvap Analyst R-6 250ml Parallel Evaporation Concentrator

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Manufacturer: Büchi

Model: Syncore Polyvap/Analyst Q-101 with Flushback Module for Syncore Analyst R-6 (P/N: 948654)

S/N: 415618030001


An efficient, safe and environmentally sound tool for parallel sample processing. Concentration to residual volumes. The instrument Syncore is suitable for all aspects of multiple sample processing. Its design concept allows one unit to perform as a parallel evaporator (Polyvap) which can be instantly converted into a parallel concentrator (Analyst). Parallel evaporation of solvents from different samples across a range of temperatures from room temperatures up to + 100 ° (or bypassing pre-set safety settings, up to 150 °C), within a range of pressures from 1 mbar up to ambient pressure. Thus, the field of applications includes fast parallel evaporation of multiple samples, the smooth concentration to pre-defined residual volumes and parallel synthesis. Chemical analysis often requires concentration of big volumes to small residual volumes.
The Analyst performs this task with a locally cooled appendix. It further provides high recovery rates due to smooth sample processing. The Flushback Module in 6 format significantly increases recovery rates. In chromatography a large number of samples are pooled in bigger flasks or evaporated individually. The workflow in sample work-up is significantly increased by simultaneous evaporation of multiple samples. Concentration to residual volumes: Analyst – smooth concentration with high recovery rats. Efficient parallel concentration of large sample volumes to pre-defined residual volumes is a cornerstone of virtually every sample preparation technique in environmental analysis and quality control. In addition, smooth evaporation of thermosensitive compounds is crucial in preventing thermal decomposition. The Analyst copes with both tasks by cooling a small appendix at the bottom of the sample vessels. Sample adhesion to the glass wall is prevented by creating a gentle flushing action at the top of the glass wall with partially condensed vapor.
The Analyst sample vessels feature a small appendix at the bottom which is locally cooled by water or a suitable coolant. This stops the evaporation process as the solvent level reaches the top of the cooling zone. Hence, the sample is concentrated in a small, cooled residual volume, thereby preventing thermal decomposition.
The Analyst is designed for applications in which a concentration step is required. This is typically the case in food&feed and environmental analysis, or quality control. Since the sample rests in the cooled appendix the Analyst is also ideal for evaporation of temperature-sensitive compounds. In analysis high recovery rates are essential. For such applications the Flushback Module is strongly recommended.


- Smooth concentration to small residual volumes
- No thermal decomposition
- High recovery rates
- No cross-contamination
- Automatic distillation with Vacuum Controller V-855
- Complete solvent recovery
- Reliable:
Highest analyte recoveries thanks to the Flushback module
No loss of volatile compounds due to cooled appendix
No cross contamination due to individual sealing
No contamination by inert materials
- Cost-efficient:
Increased productivity by concentrating up to 12 samples to a predefined residual volume
Low operating cost due to no need of nitrogen
Improved efficiency by combining SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) and concentration
- Sustainable:
Environment-friendly due to high solvent recovery
No solvent emission
No water consumption and disposal while using the eco friendly BUCHI chiller

Areas of application:

- Soil analysis
- Food-processing analysis
- Quality control
- Natural product extraction
- Evaporation
- Drying
- Concentration
- Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Technical Data Syncore Platform:

- Power rating: 1500 W
- Temperature range heating plate: up to 150ºC
- Eccentricity: 0 to 10 mm
- Programmable temperature programs: 9 steps up to 9 h:59 min –20ºC to +150ºC
- Volt: 230VAC
- Frequ.: 50/60 Hz
- Dimensions (L x D x H): 480 x 487 x 354 mm

Items delivered:

- Syncore Polyvap/Analyst Q-101 with Flushback Module for Syncore Analyst R-6


The item is in very good cosmetic as well as technical condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

Hersteller: Büchi
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