CRYOPAL Air Liquide ARPEGE 170 Nitrogen Storage TP100 Flüssigstickstoff-Behälter

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Manufacturer: CRYOPAL

Model: Air Liquide ARPEGE 170 Nitrogen Storage incl. Air Liquide DMC (Cryogenic Materiel Division)
+ Air Liquide TP100 Flüssigstickstoffbehälter

S/N: 000000001220 and 000000000546

YoM: 03/2014 and 02/2007


This Air Liquide Nitrogen vessel is designed for long term storage of biological samples. Samples values require to master and optimize data management optimal conservation conditions.


- Easy to control and simple to use, high quality and efficiency
- Samples storage capacity is optimized with adapted inventory systems
- Optimum safety when manipulating racks thanks to individual blocking system
- Easy maintenance
- Maximum storage -6000 cryo- vials
- Adapted for both liquid and gas phase storage
- Vessels comply with the EC
- Medical directive 93/42 EEC
- Static holding time up to 246 days
- Rack storage system for the samples
- AIR LIQUIDE patented clip closure system to secure the sample boxes in the racks, so each level of the storage rack has its own clip system to secure and keep the storage boxes in each level of the rack allowing the user to access only one level of a rack at a time.
You maximize security when handling a rack and the sample boxes in the rack
- Security lid with a lock point
- Made out of aluminum and composite materials provides for light weight, longer holding time and resistance

Application areas:

- life sciences
- insemination centers
- egg and sperm banks
- pharmaceutical labs


- Evaporation Rate Static: 0,70 L/d
- Number of Racks: 6
- Number of Stages: 10
- Temperature in the top box of the vessel: -190°C
- Capacity: 172 L
- Weight Empty: 56 kg
- Weight Full: 195 kg
- Neck Diameter: 215 mm
- Overall Height: 1028 mm
- Diameter: 683 mm

Items delivered:

- CRYOPAL Air Liquide ARPEGE 170
- CRYOPAL Air Liquide DMC
- Roller Base


The unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, 100 % functionally tested and ready for your operations.

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