Cole-Parmer/Raytek(Fluke) 39800 Infrared Infrarot Thermometer Raynger 3i LT3DL

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Manufacturer: Cole-Parmer / Raytek (Fluke)

Model: 39800 Infrared Thermometer Pyrometer (Raytek/Fluke Raynger 3i Series  LT3DL Model)


These infrared thermometers offer a variety of aiming systems to fit your exact  requirements. Scope models feature a through-the-lens optical system and a  circular reticle to precisely define the target area. Use a laser sighting model to  determine the center of the area you are measuring. Laser spots on the target indicate the approximate diameter. Use single-laser models for longrange  measurements. Dual and crossed laser models have lasers that are aligned with  the thermometer's optics. New model 39800-35 offers both scope and laser sighting.  Choose from two laser types-class IIIa laser models for maximum brightness, or class II models where regulations require use of lowpower lasers. Lock the  trigger for long-term monitoring. Store up to 100 temperature readings at  selectable time intervals with built-in clatalogger. Configure output as either RS-232 or  as a one millivolt per degree analog output (cables and software sold separately  below). Thermometers display minimum, maximum, differential temperature, and average  temperature in °F or °C. Other features include adjustable emissivity, recall,  backlit display, and an audible and visual alarm. Each thermometer includes four AA batteries,  padded nylon carrying case, shoulder strap, and instructions. Adapters for 115 or 230 VAC operation are available. Shipping weight 5.0 lb (2.3  kg).


Distance to target size ratio 75:1
Max temperature (º C) 1200
Min temperature (º C) -30
Min temperature (º F) -20
Max temperature (º F) 2200
Accuracy (º C) ±1% of reading, or ±1°C, whichever is greater
Accuracy (º F) ±1% of reading, or ±1.5°F, whichever is greater
Resolution (º C) 1°C (0.1°C in AVG mode to 999°C)
Resolution (º F) 1°F (0.1°F in AVG mode to 999°F)
Repeatability (º C) ±0.5% of reading or ±1°C
Repeatability (º F) ±0.5% of reading or ±1°F
Emissivity Adjustable
Response time 700 millisecond
Output Analog: 1 mV/°F or °C; Digital: RS-232, 9600 baud; output interval  adjustable from 1 to 9999 seconds (order cable seperately)
Power four 1.5V AA batteries (included) or optional AC adapter (order separately)
Display multidata, backlit, four-digit LCD, 0.38 in H main readout

Items delivered:

- Cole Parmer 39800 Infrared Thermometer (Raytek/Fluke Raynger 3i Series LT3DL  Model)
- Carrying Case with foam inlay
- Instruction manual

The infrared thermometer is completely new and comes with carrying case.
100% functional guaranteed!



Hersteller: Cole-Parmer / Raytek (Fluke)

Modell: 39800 Infrarot Thermometer Pyrometer (Raytek/Fluke Raynger 3i Series  LT3DL Model)


Das portable Infrarotthermometer Raynger 3i bietet sich besonders für die  Wartung und Instandhaltung sowie zur Qualitätskontrolle an. Mit seiner  leistungsstarken Optik und dem breiten Temperaturbereich ist es prädestiniert für Messungen an  unzugänglichen Orten. Die kombinierte Visiereinrichtung aus Zielfernrohr  (optional) und Laser garantiert die exakte Messfleckerfassung über große Entfernungen.


Temperaturbereich: -30 bis 1200°C
Spektrale Empfindlichkeit: 8 bis 14 µm
Emissionsgrad: 0,10 - 1,0 (in 0,01 Schritten einstellbar)
Spannungsversorgung: 4 x 1,5 V Typ R6 (AA) Batterien oder 6-9 V, 200 mA Netzteil  (optional)

Einige Anwendungen:

- Energiekontrolle
- Stromverteilung
- Papierherstellung
- Wartung und Instandhaltung
- Transformatoren


- Cole Parmer 39800 Infrarot Thermometer (Raytek/Fluke Raynger 3i Series LT3DL  Model)
- Nylon Aufberahrungstasche inkl. Schaumstoffeinlage
- Bedienungsanleitung

Das Infrarot Thermometer ist neu und wird in Nylontasche ausgeliefert.
100% Funktion garantiert!

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