EquiBio EASYJECT PLUS Electroporation System Single/Twin-Pulse with Accessories

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Manufacturer: EquiBio Ltd. , U.K.

Model: Electroporator EASYJECT Type T plus; complete system with accessories and  consumables ( see description BELOW )


The Easyject T PLUS D2000 is a advanced electroporation system allowing the user  to work in two different voltage and timing modes; LOW VOLTAGE ( LV) mode and  High Voltage ( HV) mode.
The value of this system to the researcher will be substantially enhanced by a  clear understanding of its " Field Strength " and " Pulse Time " capabilities.
All described in the manual delivered with the system.



intensity: high electric field ( Ex. 1000 V, 0.4 cm gap; 2500 V/cm electric  field)
duration: Short ( Ex : with 156 Ohms & 25 uF.....T = 800 usec )
effect: creation of pores ( as large and as numerous as possible and viable )


Intensity: Low Electric Field ( Ex 150 V, 375 V/cm )
duration: Long ( Ex: with 99 Ohms & 2100 uF , T = 40 msec)
effect: active electrophoresis which provokes DNA entering

Items delivered:

- Main System.... mounted on a stable rack with rolls ( see photo )
- Remote Control Unit
- Electroporation Chamber
- Printer with reserve paper roll
- all cables to connect the units to the main unit and for power
- Operation Manual from EquiBio Ltd.
- Electroporation Special CUVETTES ( original from EquiBio ) .... all NEW and  Originally STERILE packed
52 Cuvettes with YELLOW Cap
25 Cuvettes with PURPLE Cap
2 Cuvettes with READ Cap
- 42 METY disposable Pipettes

The entire SYSTEM with accessories is in used but good cosmetic condition and  out of running operation in GERMAN GOV LAB; fully functional tested.

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