HP Agilent 6890 GC Gas Chromatograph FID SSL 7683 Injector ALS Split Splitless

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Manufacturer: HP / Agilent

Model: 6890 Plus Gas Chromatograph with FID Detector and SSL Split Splitless

P/N: G1530A (GC)
        G2613AX (Injector)
        G2614A (Autosampler)


The Agilent 6890 is a leading GC system with state of the art dynamic temperature programming, EPC pneumatics and flow controls.

The 6890 comes equipped with a split-splitless injection system that supports a wide variety of sample introduction echniques including thermal
desorption, on-column injection, solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME), direct headspace injection, and solvent-based injections.

Standard equipment includes a flame ionization detector (FID) ideal for running serial parrafins for retention index determinations.


- Model 6890 Plus Gas Chromatograph Mainframe
- Model G1560A Split/Splitless inlet with EPC
- Model 6890 Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
- Model 6890 7683 Series Autosampler Mounting Bracket for a 7683 Autosampler
- Model 6890 7683 Series Injector

The gas chromatograph is in good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested.
The last service by Agilent was done in 2015, after that the instrument was not used anymore.

Hersteller: Agilent
Versandgewicht: 100,00 Kg

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