Heraeus Kendro Sepatech Megafuge 1.0 Centrifuge 75003490 4x400ml 6000 U/min

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Manufacturer: Heraeus

Model: Megafuge 1.0 Tabletop Centrifuge w/ Sealed Rotor 3360 + 4 Type A Adapter Centri-Lab + Lid

P/N: 75003490/01

S/N: 40498470

YoM: 2005


Heraeus Megafuge 1.0 general purpose centrifuge is ideal for all routine laboratory separation processes. The microprocessor controller MEGACONTROL II with digital display allows pre-selection of time, speed and RCF. The soft-start and soft-brake functions ensure gentle centrifugation of sensitive samples. Megafuge® 1.0 can handle up to 48 blood collection tubes or 12 conical tissue culture tubes (50 ml).
Its sealed Rotor is a 4-place sealed rotor safely containing aerosols and guaranteeing maximum operational safety. This means that infectious matter can neither enter the centrifuge nor escape into the environment. A broken tube can be detected immediately through the clear polycarbonate lid. In this situation, the entire rotor can be autoclaved while still closed. The Centri-Lab type A tube rack can be used as an universal adapter system.
Centri-Lab System: Kendro offers the flexible Centri-Lab system in various sizes and with uniform color coding. This system can be used with all round and rectangular buckets. These racks distinguish themselves through high mechanical and chemical resistance, and can also be autoclaved. Special adapters are available for centrifuging large tubes in round buckets.


- Maintenance Free:
The Megafuge is driven by a frequency controlled induction motor. This ensures extremely quick braking and acceleration and a long service life. The drive requires virtually no maintenance – there are no carbon brushes to be replaced, and dust build-up is low.
- Smooth Operation:
In designing the Megafuge, an innovative material was used  for the base of the centrifuge housing. This material, "Centricast", guarantees extremely smooth and quiet operation.
- Convenient Operation:
Thanks to the MEGACONTROL II microprocessor controller, the Megafuge is extremely easy-to-use and permits results to be reproduced with a high degree of accuracy. The conveniently arranged control buttons and easy-to-read digital displays ensure simple operation and prevent errors. With the push of a button, the centrifuge displays the current RCF value. The RCF value can also be preset. A quick-run function has been included for short spins. When working with highly sensitive samples, the soft-brake function ensures gentle processing. The cut-off time for braking can be preset as well.
- Built-In Safety:
The Megafuge is specially designed with the rotor chamber inside a protective housing, and is equipped with an automatic lid lock and lid interlock.
- Easy to Service:
The Megafuge is designed for day-to-day laboratory use. The drive requires virtually no maintenance. The centrifuge is equipped with a digital self diagnosis system for constant status monitoring. If a fault is detected, a signal immediately appears.


- Serological testing
- Cell biology testing
- Separating blood components
- Analyzing minute sample volumes
- Radioimmunoassays
- Preparing cell cultures
- Separating infectious and toxic suspensions


- Max. RCF: 6,240 x g
- Max. speed: 6,000 rpm
- Max. capacity: 4 x 400 ml
- Acceleration profiles: MEGACONTROL II: Normal or "Soft-run"
- Deceleration profiles: MEGACONTROL II: On/off brake, adjustable brake cut-off
- Run time: MEGACONTROL II: 1 – 99 min., continuous operation
- Program memory: MEGACONTROL II: The last data entered remains stored. Data is preserved even in the event of a power failure.
- Safety: Lid lock and lid interlock, imbalance cut-out, armoured rotor
- Design: Steel housing with plastic front panel. Centricast base.
- Power consumption: 0.7 kW
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 390 x 460 x 520 mm
- Weight (without rotor): Approx. 55 kg

Sealed Rotor (P/N: 75003360; S/N: 40500632) incl. buckets for Megafuge 1.0:

- Max. capacity: 48 x 15 ml
- Max. speed: 6,000 rpm
- Max. RCF: 6,240 x g
- Max. acceleration time: 70 s
- Min. braking time: 90 s
- Max. radius: 15.5 cm

Type A Adapter (P/N: 75005327) Centri-Lab for Sealed Rotor 3360:

- Nominal volume of tube: 15 ml
- No. of tubes per adapter: 11 ea.
- No. of tubes per rotor: 44 ea.
- Tube type: Blood C
- Max. length of tube: 100 mm
- Bore of tube: 17 mm
- Diameter of cap: 19.5 mm
- Color of adapter: white

Type A Adapter (P/N: 75005322) for Sealed Rotor 3360:

- Nominal volume of tube: 15 ml
- No. of tubes per adapter: 12 ea.
- No. of tubes per rotor: 48 ea.
- Tube type: DIN
- Max. length of tube: 100 mm
- Bore of tube: 17 mm
- Diameter of cap: 18 mm
- Color of adapter: red

Items delivered:

- Heraeus Megafuge 1.0 Tabletop Centrifuge
- Heraeus Sealed Rotor incl. Buckets
- 4x Heraeus Type A Adapters Centri-Lab, white OR 4x Heraeus Type A Adapters, red

!!! Please choose between WHITE and RED Heraeus Type A Adapters !!!

- Heraeus Lid for working without micro-tubes (P/N: 76003422)
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


This unit is in excellent cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and runs as intended. The megafuge is ready to be applied and operated.

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