Leica DMI3000B Inverted Fluorescence Fluoreszenz Phasecontrast Microscope

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Manufacturer: Leica Microsystems, Germany

Model: DMI3000B Fluo

S/N: 325380

The Perfect Start to Research Microscopy

Versatility in transmitted light
The Leica DMI3000 B offers a level of technology, functionality, and user convenience that is unique in this class of inverted research microscope. Featuring the largest number of transmitted light illumination options and a condenser with extra long working distance, the Leica DMI3000 B is ideal for all transmitted light contrast techniques. Choose from five manual condensers with different working distances for brightfield, phase contrast, darkfield, modulation contrast, polarization or differential interference contrast (DIC) techniques. Leica?s integrated modulation and phase contrast solutions eliminate the need for additional special objectives and increase throughput in fluorescence.

Brilliant fluorescence
The new Leica DMI3000 B is designed for all fluorescence techniques, and accommodates standard and custom filter cubes in the 5-position fluorescence turret. Single or multiple stains, GFP applications, and immunofluorescence ? all are accompished quickly and easily with the Leica DMI3000 B. Leica?s fluorescence intensity manager (FIM) automatically adjusts the illumination intensity as well as the aperture and field diaphragms to optimize your images. The fluorescence cubes feature light traps for reducing background light to produce a perfectly black background.

Leica DMI3000 B inverted microscope
- The manual fluorescence axis consists of the filter cube changer, aperture diaphragm, and field diaphragm.
- The 5-position filter cube turret and removable drawer offer ample space for a variety of fluorescence experiments.
- Leica?s Fluorescence Intensity Manager (FIM) regulates the excitation light to effectively protect specimens from photo bleaching.
- The integrated shutter quickly stops-off illumination.
- Leica?s Zero Pixel Shift filter cube technology ensures perfect image alignment of multiple fluorescence proteins, which makes software overlay compensation unnecessary.

Leica DFC340 FX digital camera
- This digital camera features a FireWire port for fast image transfer.
- The cooled monochrome chip provides high resolution and noise reduction when imaging fluorescence.

Complete delivered Configuration:

- Leica Base Stand DMI3000B 100% Sideport (11888923)
- Leica Eyepieces HC Plan S 10x/22 /M
- Leica Trino ErgoTube with Bertrand lens with 100% photo output (11888369)
- Leica Regular X-Y Mechanical micromanipulator Stage (11522015) Objective guide for special holder frame (11522018)
- Leica Transmitted-light axe DMI3000B with S40 manual Condenser complete with (PH1, PH2, PH3)
- Leica Man. polarizer (11 522 094)
- Leica Manual condenser S40 complete
- Leica DFC340 FX Camera with Firewire Connection Cable
- Leica C-mount adapter HC (11541543)
- Leica Fluorescence Light Source with Liquid Light Guide (New Lamp - ran just 50 of 2000 hrs)
- Leica 5 Place Filtercube Holder with the following Filtecubes:
- Leica Filtercube A4
- Leica Filtercube N2.1
- Leica Filtercube N3
- Leica Filtercube GFP
- Leica 6-Place Nosepiece with the following Objectives:
- Leica N Plan 2,5x/0.07 (506083)
- Leica N Plan 5x/0.12 PH 0 (506303)
- Leica N Plan 10X/0.25 PH 1 (506260)
- Leica N Plan L 20X/0.35 PH1 (506248)
- Leica N Plan L 40X/0.55 Corr PH2 (506298)

Overall the microscope is in very good cosmetic as well as technical working condition. 100% functional tested.

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