Leica EL6000 Fluorescence Light Source Fluoreszenz Lichtquelle 120W 11504115

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Manufacturer: Leica

Model: EL6000

P/N: 11504115

S/N: 321687


The Leica EL6000 external light source for enhanced fluorescence imaging connects via a liquid light guide to all Leica Microsystems’ upright, inverted, and stereo microscopes. The Leica EL6000 keeps heat away from the specimen and microscope and uses an alignment-free, mercury metal halide bulb with an extremely long lifetime of more than 2000 hours. This reduces operating costs and saves the time it takes for centering lamp housings. The Leica EL6000 has an integrated fast shutter, which is fully supported by the Leica LAS AF software.


- Reduce photo bleaching
An attenuator can reduce the intensity of excitation light to reduce photo bleaching or stress to live specimens.
- Affordable illumination
This affordable illumination unit reduces the weight carried on a stereomicroscope’s Z-drive.
- Excitation light within 6 milliseconds
A fast, built-in shutter switches off the excitation light within 6 milliseconds.


- U 100-240 VAC
- 50-60 Hz
- IP20
- P Max 200VA

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- Leica EL6000 Fluorescence Light Source


The unit is in very good condition - cosmetic, technical and operating. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used. Buy with confidence!

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