Martin Christ RVC 2-25 Rotational Vacuum Concentrator Koncentrator Rotor 110369

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Manufacturer: Martin Christ

Model: RVC 2-25 Rotational-Vacuum-Concentrator + Fixed Angle-Solid Rotor

P/N (Concentrator): 100225

S/N (Concentrator): 11356

P/N (Rotor): 110369

YoM: 9.2004


The rotational-vacuum-concentrator RVC 2-25 is especially designed for use as a "Personal Concentrator" during various analysis applications. The rotational-vacuum-concentrator RVC 2-25 concentrates efficiently precipitates containing DNA/RNA, proteins and similar materials within shortest possible time. The application-oriented rotor programme provides a high sample capacity, e. g. from 108 x 1.5 ml reaction vials up to 2 carriers for 1 microtiter plate each. The innovative drive system of the rotational-vacuum-concentrator RVC 2-25 without any rotating parts outside the rotor chamber guarantees safe operation. A special feature of the RVC 2-25 is the user-friendly operation using the two-knobcontrol with LCD-display. All process parameters can be easily adjusted, e. g. temperature (between +30°C up to +60 °C) and time (5 minutes to 12 hours).


- Electrical connection: 230V 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption: 0,847 kVA
- Rated power: 0,805 kW
- Max. current consumption: 3,5 A
- Mains fuse: 4 A F
- Coldapplianceoutput Max.: 0,5 A
- Temperatur: +30°C up to +60°C
- Speed: 1350 rpm
- Relative centrifugal force: 235 RCF
- Height with fully opened lid: 575 mm
- Max lid opening angel: 82° 
- Noise level DIN 45365: 44dB(A)
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 315 x 260 x 460 mm
Fixed angle-solid rotor with flat bottom:
- Aluminium black anodized
- Vessel volume: 2 ml approx.
- Vessel dimensions (Ø x length): Ø12 mm x 36 mm
- Angel of attack (reference vertical line): 40°

Items delivered:

- Martin Christ RVC 2-25 Rotational-Vacuum-Concentrator + Fixed Angle-Solid Rotor


The RVC 2-25 Rotational-Vacuum-Concentrator is in very good condition - working, technical and cosmetic. It is fully functional being 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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