Matrix Thermo Scientific 8-Channel Equalizer electr. Pipette 15-1250 µl

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Manufacturer: Matrix / Thermo Scientific

Model: 8-Channel Equalizer Pipette, 15-1250 µl (P/N 2034)


Expandable Tip Spacing
The Matrix Equalizer pipette's tips can be spaced anywhere from 9 mm (96-well microplates) to 14.15 mm (12-13 mm tube rack spacing or 48-well plates) in increments of 0.1 mm. The distance between tips is always equal— simply set the desired spacing anywhere on the scale and pull or push the rod to expand or contract the tips. This can be done while the tips are empty or full, enabling the quick and easy transfer of multiple samples at once between labware with different configurations.

Tip Spacing Down to 4.5 mm
The Matrix Equalizer 384 pipette features the same unique tip spacing mechanism but allows you to set the tip spacing down to 4.5 mm—perfect for multichannel dispensing from 96-well plates into 384-well plates or for multi-lane sample loading of agarose gels. The 8-channel expands to 14.15 mm, the 12-channel to 9 mm.

Ergonomic Design
Light and well-balanced, the pipette design keeps your hand close to the pipetting surface and incorporates a highly leveraged tip ejector that utilizes two or three fingers (and not the thumb).

Light Tip Application and Ejection
Designed in conjunction with Thermo Scientific Matrix pipette tips, ensure superior tip fit with minimal application/ejection forces

Hersteller: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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