Matrix WellMate + Stacker Automatic Dispenser Abfüller 96/384 1-2000 uL

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Manufacturer: Matrix Corp.

Model: WellMate™ Automatic Dispenser + WellMate Stacker


Microplate Dispenser: Able to dispense into low volume, standard and deep-well  plates, with adjustable head height and with the added stacker unit for a higher  throughput.
For bulk dispensing volumes from 1 to 2000 µL.

The Matrix WellMate™ offers extreme flexibility for all your microplate filling  needs. With a volume range of 1 to 2000 µl, the Matrix WellMate accommodates a  wide selection of microplates (6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 384 well formats) and improves  cost-efficiency with disposable, presterilized and pre-calibrated tubing  cartridges. These tubing assemblies are available in small- and standard bore as well as stainless steel needle options  to accommodate a variety of reagent dispensing requirements. There is also a  PTFE coated option which is especially useful for highly viscos solution pipetting. Microplate stacker  chimneys allow increased throughput and walk-away capability with automated  plate shuttling of low profile, standard and deep-well lab ware. A simple programming interface allows for easy  adaptation to a wide range of dispensing options. This system can be easily  integrated into larger robotic platforms if required.

Adaptability with Tubing Assembly Options
The disposable, pre-sterilized and pre-calibrated tubing cartridges are an  economic solution for dispensing multiple solutions and maintaining proper dispense calibration. These tubing assemblies are available in small- and standard-bore  as well as stainless steel needle options to accommodate a variety of reagent  dispensing requirements; Small- and standard-bore options ensure optimal accuracy and  precision performance at low and high plate filling volumes while the stainless  steel, PTFE-coated option can accommodate high viscosity and sticky solutions.

Easy Programmability
The intuitive on-board programming interface allows any member of the laboratory  to utilize the instrument for a broad range of plate filling applications,  including discrete column filling to allow reagent dispensing to 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 384 microplate formats.  Additionally, RS232 connectivity and OCX interface allow seamless integration  into larger robotic systems.

Scalability with Integrated Stackers
Add the Matrix WellMate Stacker to the Matrix WellMate platform and increase  throughput and walk-away capabilities. Shuttle low profile, standard and  deep-well labware quickly and effortlessly from the removable front-loading, 25- or 50-microplate capacity  stacker chimneys to the dispenser, shuffle processed labware into original order  when dispensing multiple reagents and complete sterile liquid handling procedures with lidding and  de-lidding capability.


Plate capacity: >50 with stacker chimneys

Plate type: 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 384

Dispensing range: 1 to 2000ul

Items delivered:

- Matrix WellMate Dispenser
- Matrix WellMate Stacker with 2 Chimneys
- Power Cord
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The WellMate Stacker is in very good cosmetic condition and 100% functional  tested.

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