Memmert SFE 600 Dry Heat Hot Air Sterilizer Heißluftsterilisator 256 L 250 °C

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Manufacturer: Memmert

Model: SFE 600 Dry Heat Sterilizer   


The Memmert SFE 600 dry heat sterilizer is a drying cabinet with forced air circulation. Memmert dry heat sterilizers from the SFE series are designed for the heat treatment of various materials. Made of high quality stainless steel. The SFE series are equipped with an E (Excellent) controller.


- An electronic PID process controller with the possibility of delaying the start of a program, with a programmable heating and cooling process, with a waiting time, with the function of repeating the process
- Built-in 1024 Kb memory device for storing the current temperature, set temperature and fault status with a time stamp
- Adjustable air turbine for air circulation with installation steps of 10%
- Manually installed air damper for supplying outside air
- Built-in weekly timer with real time clock
- Programmable timer for 4 segments, each from 1 min. up to 999 hours
- Digital temperature rise control (TWW, class 3.1)
- Mechanical temperature limiter (TV, class 1)
- Optical alarm indicator
- Two independent platinum temperature sensors PT100
- Serial RS-232C interface for connecting to a PC


- Volume: 256 L
- The temperature range is 30-250 ° C, but not lower than the ambient temperature plus 10 ° C
- The accuracy of the temperature setting is 0.5 ° C
- Heating power: 2.4 kW
- Dimensions:
Chamber (W x H x D): 800 x 640 x 500 mm
Cabinet (W x H x D): 950 x 920 x 650 mm

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- Memmert SFE 600 Dry Heat Sterilizer


The dry heat sterilizer is in very good cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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