Metrohm 700 Dosino Dosing Unit Drive 8 pin Mini-Din Plug + 710 Dosing Unit 50 ml

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Manufacturer: Metrohm

Model: 700 Dosino dosing unit drive with fixed cable (8 pin Mini-Din plug) and 710 Dosing Unit 50 ml

P/N (700 Dosino dosing unit drive with fixed cable and mini­DIN plug): 2.700.0020
P/N (710 Dosing Unit 50 mL): 6.3032.250

Description and features:

The Metrohm 700 Dosino is a versatile dosing drive which can be used for a wide range of demanding dosing tasks. It can be operated with various control instruments; this predestines it for use in complex automated systems.
The 700 Dosino instrument is a dosing unit drive with low dead volume for liquid handling such as dosing, liquid transfer, dilution and for connection to the following instruments:
- 711 Liquino
- 726/796 Titroprocessor
- 730 Sample changer
- 736, 751, 758, 784, 785 Titrinos
- 746 Trace analyzer
- 756 KF–Coulometer
It meets the requirements of EU Directives 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC.

Its 710 Dosing unit (buret unit) with integrated data chip, 50 mL standard dosing glass cylinder and light protection is available for standard applications such as dosing and titrating with non-aggressive solutions and incl.:
- Housing (PBTP)
- Spring clip (PBTP)
- Centering tube (PVDF)
- Dosing piston with piston peg (PTFE and graphite)
- Glass cylinder (borosilicate glass)
- Cylinder base (PTFE/graphite)
- Stopcock washer (silicon carbide ceramics)
- Distributor with distributor disk (PVDF/ETFE)

710 Dosing unit has FEP tubing connection and anti­diffusion buret tip. It is mountable directly on a reagent bottle with ISO/DIN GL45 thread. This type of assembly not only means that a lot of space is saved but, because the reagent is located below the drive, no escaping liquid can damage the drive. If reagents are exchanged frequently then the dosing unit can remain attached to the reagent bottle while the dosing drive is simply removed and attached to the next dosing unit.


- Cylinder volume: dosing unit with cylinder of 50 mL volume (exchangeable)
- Resolution: 10'000 increments per cylinder volume
- Dosing accuracy: Metrohm Dosino buret with glass cylinder fulfills the performance requirements of the ISO 8655-3 draft international standard:
Cylinder volume: 50 mL
Resolution: 5 µL
Max. systematic error: ± 100 µL
Repeatability (random error): ± 25 µL
- Dosing/Filling time: 18 seconds each per cylinder volume
- Power supply: ±12 VDC, 5 VDC (from control instrument), 6 W
- Ambient temperature:
Nominal working range: +5…+40°C (at 20…80% relative humidity)
Storage, transport: -40…+70°C
- Dimensions (Dosino with dosing unit):
Height: 200 mm
Greatest diameter: approx. 95 mm
Weight: approx. 700 g (with dosing unit)

Items delivered:

- Metrohm 700 Dosino dosing unit drive with fixed cable (8 pin Mini-Din plug)
- 710 Dosing Unit 50 ml


The item is used but it is in very good cosmetical condition, being 100% functional tested. It is ready for your dosing tasks.

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