Perkin Elmer Lambda 750 S Research UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer 190-3300nm 60mm Spher

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Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer

Model: Lambda 750S 60mm Sphere

P/N: L6020046

S/N: 750N8070801


The PerkinElmer LAMBDA 750is an instrument ideally suited for chemistry and material science applications, busy academic and industrial laboratories that perform measurement of liquids, gels, and solid materials and need flexibility of sampling along with high measurement performance. It is designed to provide the maximum sampling flexibility for tough samples in chemistry, biochemistry and materials science.Adouble-beam, double-monochromator designof Lambda 750 provides the highest possible stability coupled with the highest accuracy and lowest stray-light performance. Extension of the measurement range into the Near-IR region of the spectrum provides richer and complementary spectral information for many compounds and materials.A choice of cells and sample holders allows virtually any liquid sample to be measured. Options include long-path cells, test-tube holders, flow through cells and micro and semi-micro cells.Powder analysis is easily accomplished using the 60 mm integrating sphere in reflectance measurement mode -raw materials testing, organic and inorganic chemicals, geological and powdered polymers and coatings. Specular, diffuse and total reflectance measurements using the 60 mm integrating sphere, allow rapid analysis of continuous solids such as glass, textiles, polymers and coated surfaces.

UV WinLab Software ? powerful, flexible and secure PerkinElmer?s powerful UV WinLab? software helps you to be as productive as possible, guiding you through method development, analysis of results and reporting in a series of simple steps. UV WinLab software offers quick, intuitive instrument set-up, with all parameters and settings available at a glance, and a comprehensive range of data collection modes to provide maximum applications flexibility. Results are stored in a secure database, protecting valuable experimental data and enabling powerful search and trending functions to aid review and retrieval of results. For regulated industries, the software is also available in an Enhanced Security (ES) 21 CFR Part 11 compliant version.

Typical Application Areas:

- Inorganic and organic chemistry
- Quality Control of raw materials and final products
- Biological Sciences - DNA, Protein, Blood
- Academia - teaching experiments
- Materials Science
- Product and packaging appearance
- Quality Control of raw materials and final products
- Inorganic and organic chemistry
- Materials science
- Color measurements

Technical Data:

Design: Double holographic Grating monochromator (for ultra-low stray light performance, high accuracy and high reproducibility)
Detectors: High sensitivity R928 Photomultiplier (PMT) for UV/Vis and Peltier cooled PBS detector for NIR
Sample Holders: Standard cuvette of 10 mm pathlength for UV/Vis and NIR (For sample and reference beam positions, accommodating a large selection of cells of up to 10 mm pathlength.)
Wavelength Range: 190 - 3300 nm
Wavelength Resolution: 0.17 - 5.0 nm UV/ViS
                                      0.2 - 20.0 nm in NIR
Light Source: Tungsten-halogen and Deuterium
Operating Temperature: 15 - 35 oC
Operating Software (WinXP): PerkinElmer UV Winlab
Integrating sphere size (for Reflectance measurement): 60 mm
Wavelength Scan Operation: Full or partial range spectral characterization
Wavelength program Operation: Rapid measurement at single or multiple discrete wavelengths
Quant and Scanning Quant Operation: Quantitative Analysis on discrete peaks or full spectra
Time-Drive Operation: Kinetics, including general and enzyme kinetics
Ideal Samples: Transmission of liquids, turbid liquids and solids
Rate: 400/- per Sample

Items delivered:

- Perkin Elmer Lambda 750S with 2 Single Cuvette Holders
- Perkin Elmer 60mm Integrating sphere
- Labsphere Reflectance Standards
- Computer with pre-installed Perkin Elmer UV WinLAB
- Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
- Connecetion Cables
- Instruction Manual as PDF

The system is in great condition and 100% functional tested.

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