SV CORPORATION RealWave Pocket Analyzer Acceleration-Sound-Vibration-FFT-RPM

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Manufacturer: SV CORPORATION , Korea

Modell: RealWave Pocket Analyzer

PDA ( HP iPAQ X11-21204 ) with special SV digital DATA AQUISITION CARD Model: PA  101

this is a PDA based Multi-Function-Analyzer
with Real-Time FFT and Spectrogram
FFT based Octave Analyzer, Vibration Level Meter and FFT based RPM Meter

with Software from SV digital for all operations on CD; all already installed  on the PDA

Input Sensors ( NOT included )
IEPE ...... Microphone ........ Sensitivity : 50 mV / Pa
IEPE....... Accelerometer...... Sensitivity : 50 mV / g


1 Channel
Input Range: IEPE and Analog Input +/- 5 V ( Peak )
Dynamic Range :
Voltage Input from 0.078125 to 5.000 V
Gain from x1 to x 64
Sound 8 dB to 134 dB
Vibration : from 0.03 to 981 m/sE2..............from 53 to 180 dB ( Ref  10E-6m/sE2 )

Following Items will be delivered:

iPAQ HP X11-21204
SV Data-Aquisition Card PA-101
Software on CD: with... Real Wave Pocket Analyzer Ver. 2.7.12
Real Wave desk Analyzer Ver 2.10
Microsoft ActiveSync Ver. 4.1
Manual Ver. 1.7
Power Supply / Charging Unit HP wih Adaptor for 230 VAC Mains
Power Supply / Charging Unit with Adaptor for CAR 12 VDC Power for mobile  operation
HP Add. Pack Model: HSTNH-FO2X
2 Unit Special Aquisition Cable for Microphone and other IEPE - Sensors with  BNC- Connector
1 Unit Special Aquisition Cable for IEPE Accelerometers with 3.5 mm SMA  Connector
Original SV Manual
Special Aluminum Case

The complete system is in used , good condition and 100 % fcuntional tested.

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