Systec Autoclave Autoklav V-Series V95 95L 400 x750mm Steam Sterilizer

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Manufacturer: Systec

Model: Autoclave V-95

S/N: 0568

YoM: 2003


- Radial Ventilator
- Mantle cooling with cooling water and support pressure
- Vacuum system
- Exhaust air filtration with condensate inactivation

Configuration German:

- Kühlung mit Stützdruck
- Radialventilator
- Software
- Abluftfiltration
- Vakuumeinrichtung


Exclusively developed for special sterilization applications in the laboratory, processes become easier, safer, more precise, more reproducible and validatable with this Systec Autoclave V-Series V-95. Innovative mechanical and electronic components are incorporated and guarantee high sterilization quality in the laboratory. They thus fulfill those requirements that will ultimately be demanded of all laboratory sterilization processes in future, e.g. higher sterilization temperatures for work with prions.
The Systec V-95 is compact and space-saving but with increased chamber height - the "Van Class" of autoclaves! Advantage: optimal loading capacity with most standard media and Erlenmeyer.
It is equipped with system adaptations for a special application - exhaust air filtration: When working with infectious material, the exhaust air is filtered via an autoclavable sterile filter comprising a filter cartridge with PTFE membrane, pore size 0.2 urn, incorporated in a pressure-resistant housing and easily replaced. Is also automatically sterilized during each sterilization process, monitored by a PT 100 temperature sensor.


- Innovative automatic safety door lock:
Easy but safe - on closing, the lid is automatically locked by a circumferential ring system. The lid also opens easily - either at the push of a button or automatically at the end of a program. This facilitates the autoclaving procedure when items that have been sterilized have to cool before being removed. The door-locking system is temperature dependent - according to national and international standards. Also, the door remains locked as long, as there is excess pressure in the chamber. The lid, like other parts of the pressure vessel and housing, is made of stainless steel. The attractive faceplate of the lid, which also contains the control panel, display and part of the control technology, is made of heat resistant and insulated plastic. There is thus no risk of the operator coming into contact with hot components of the system.
- "Comprehensive intelligence" of the Microprocessor and Software:
Pressure control is via an electronic pressure transducer. In addition, there is a flexible temperature sensor in the sterilization chamber or in a reference vessel (in the case of liquids) and a further sensor at the coldest part of the chamber, the condensate outlet. The microprocessor, specially developed for our laboratory autoclaves, controls all relevant functions such as steam pressure, temperature and sterilization time as well as options such as rapid cooling, pre- and post-vacuum and drying.
- A separate steam generator is incorporated in the housing:
No heating elements and no reservoir for dirty water in the chamber.  In conjunction with the stand-by pre-heating option, only 10 min. heating time to 121 °C with an empty chamber. Improved removal of air from the empty chamber via pulsed heating (rapid attainment of optimal steam atmosphere, even without a vacuum). Accuracy better than ± 0.3 with empty chamber. Quicker cooling as neither hot water in the chamber nor the separate steam generator need be cooled. On cooling, steam is immediately available for the next sterilization run.
- Condensation instead of steam removal:
Exhaust steam is condensed automatically via a PT 100-regulated cooling system. This prevents odours and protects wastewater piping that may be made of plastic.
- High, all-round quality:
The pressure vessel is made of corrosion resistant electro-polished stainless steel 1.4571 (V4A) AISI 316 Ti and is thus easy to clean. The excess pressure release safety valve is of the approved component type. Autoclave framework and housing are also made of stainless steel. The highly efficient, high-quality Hanno-Tect insulation material releases no particles; thus, the Systec V-Series can be used under clean room conditions.
- Pressure-safe up to 4 bar/150 °C:
- Flexible temperature sensor PT-100 for a reference vessel
- Medium temperature triggering of sterilization time
- Autofill - automatic filling with demineralized water feed for steam generation
- Start by clock - timer for programming starting time
- Collecting point for all outlet pipes
- Venting valve
- Radial fan
- Validation port


- 12 Programs are available:
1-3 for solids
4-5 for waste ("destruction bags")
6-7 for liquid waste
8-11 for liquids
12 for cleaning
- Loading capacity:
Erlenmeyer flasks:
250 ml: 5 x 14
500 ml: 4 x 8
1000 ml: 3 x 5
2000 ml: 2 x 4
3000 ml: 2 x 2
5000 ml: 2 x 1
Schott–Duran media flasks:
250 ml: 5 x 20
500 ml: 4 x 15
1000 ml: 3 x 9
2000 ml: 2 x 5
5000 ml: 2 x 2
10000 ml: 1
- Operating temperature: - 10 °C...+ 150 °C
- Operating pressure: -1...+ 4 bar
- Chamber dimensions (Ø x depth): 400 x 750 mm
- Chamber volume: 95 l
- Volume capacity: 99 l
- Heating power: 9 kW
- Voltage: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz; 15,5 A
- External dimensions (W x H x D): 550 x 1080 x 780 mm

Items delivered:

- Systec Autoclave V-95
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The Autoclave is in very good cosmetic as well as working condition, it is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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