Thermo Haake Phoenix II P2-C50P Kühlthermostat Refrigerated Circulator -50°C

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Manufacturer: Thermo / Haake

Model: Phoenix II P2-C50P Refrigerated Circulator -50°C

P/N: 444-0001

P/N (P2 drop-in Circulator): 003-7051

S/N (P2 drop-in Circulator): 1200102727004

P/N (cooling bath C50P): 003-5629

S/N (cooling bath C50P): 1200102169004


Haake Phoenix II is a drop-in circulator for general purpose applications. It has been designed to precisely control Iaboratory processes under definite temperature conditions. P2-C50P is a refrigerated circulator for extreme low temperatures down to -50°C and an inexpensive cooling alternative to a cryostat. 850 watt cooling capacity at 20°C.


- Ease of Use:
A single screen display with a ?wide angle? view allows the user to set the system in any of six languages using a simple command structure.
- Electronic Connections:
The unit can be connected to a wide range of external controls via an RS232/RS485 and/or Profibus interface.
- Bath Temperature Gradient:
The circulation pump assures even temperature conditions throughout the bath, guaranteeing high precision and low turbulence.


-  the Pharmaceutical industry for fermentation or other biological processes
-  the Petrochemical industry e.g. for viscosity testing of kerosene composition
-  the Plastics industry for Fogging Tests and thermal stability of cables or isolated lines
-  the Semiconductor industry for controlling wet bench chemical temperatures or sputtering processes and
-  common applications like calibration of sensor devices or material characterization analyses in a wide industry field


- Working temperature range: - 50...150 °C
- Temperature accuracy:  0.01 +/- K
- Heater capacity 230V: 2.0/- kW
- Cooling capacity:
at 20°C: 850 W
at 0°C: 700 W
at -20°C: 500 W
- Pumpe:
Pressure max.: 560 mbar
Flow rate max.: 24 l/min
Suction max.: 380 mbar
Flow rate max.: 22 l/min
- Bath opening (WxLxD): 22 x 14 x 15 cm
- Bath volume max.: 8 l
- Overall dimensions (WxLxH): 40 x 51 x 77 cm
- P2 drop-in Circulator: 9,2 A; IP 30
- cooling bath C50P: 12 A; IP 20
- Weight: 46 kg

Items delivered:

- Thermo / Haake Phoenix II P2-C50P Refrigerated Circulator -50°C
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The P2-C50P is in perfect cosmetic as well as working condition. The unit operates as intended being 100% functional tested.

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