Agilent / Keysight N4850A DigRF v3 Digital Acquisition Probe 312Mbps + E5381A

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Manufacturer: Agilent / Keysight

Model: N4850A 312Mbps Digital Acquisition Probe + E5381A Differential Flying  Leads

S/N: MY47000194


The Agilent N4850A digital acquisition probe operates in conjunction with 16800  and 16900 Series logic analyzers. This probe provides digital acquisition and serial stimulus capabilities required for DigRF v3 based IC  evaluation and integration.

Agilent N4850A Features:

Requires 16800 or 16900 Series logic analyzer with 68-channels or more

• Maximum acquisition speed: 312 Mbps
• Voltage level support: 1.8 V LVDS, 1.2 V LVDS, SLVDS
• SysClk speed support: 19.2 MHz, 26.0 MHz, 38.4 MHz
• Over air standard support: 2.5G and 3GPP (e.g. GSM, EDGE, CDMA, CDMA-2k,  W-CDMA)
• Simultaneously acquires Tx/Rx bidirectional traffic
• Tracks changes across all speed modes – sleep, low power and high speed
• Triggers on protocol-specific packets, specific bits within a packet, and  protocol violations
• LEDs show DigRF v3 bus status and error conditions

Option Included: 010

Description (E5381A Differential Flying Leads):

The E5381A is a 17-channel differential flying lead probe set, compatible with  the Agilent 16753A, 16754A, 16755A, 16756A, and 16760A logic analysis modules. The E5381A enables you to acquire signals from randomly  located points in your target system. Two E5381As are required to support all 34 channels on one 16760A. Four E5381As  are required to support all 68 channels of one 16753/54/55/56A. A variety of accessories are supplied with the E5381A to allow you to access  signals on various types of components on your PC board.

Items delivered:

- N4850A 312Mbps Digital Acquisition Probe
- E5381A Differential Flying Leads
- Power Supply

The probe set is in excellent cosmetic condition and is 100% functional  tested - comes out of operation.
Ready for your application.

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