Agilent / Keysight N4851A MIPI D-PHY Digital Acquisition Probe N4860A N4850A

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Manufacturer: Agilent / Keysight

Model: N4851A MIPI D-PHY Digital Acquisition Probe

S/N: MY47000108


The N4851A MIPI D-PHY acquisition probe and N4861A MIPI D-PHY stimulus probe  enable users to perform real-time digital serial analysis and generate real-time digital serial stimulus of the MIPI D-PHY interface. Both  probes support the CSI-2 (Camera Serial interface) and DSI (Display Serial Interface), enabling users to comprehensively characterize the  behavior of controllers as well as display or camera devices. The Keysight Technologies N4851A acquisition probe and the N4861A stimulus probe  operate in conjunction with Keysight 16800 and 16900 Series logic analyzers to provide the digital serial stimulus and acquisition  capabilities required to independently debug and test MIPI D-PHY components, or integrate your MIPI D-PHY based mobile designs.

State Analysis for MIPI D-PHY Compliant Devices

? Maximum acquisition speed: 800 Mbps
? Voltage level support: Low power and high speed voltage
? Protocol support: DSI (Display Serial Interface), CSI-2 (Camera Serial  Interface)
? 1 or 2 lane support

Monitor Device and System Operation

? Real-time acquisition of MIPI D-PHY traffic with hierarchical trace displaying  capabilities
? Tracks bus mode changes and bi-directional communication
? CSI-2 and DSI Protocol Decoder and Packet Viewer
? Triggers on protocol-specific packets, specific bits within a packet, and  protocol violations

Additional Capabilities

? LEDs show MIPI D-PHY bus status and error conditions
? Multiple probing solutions, including flying leads and soft touch
? Supports up to 2048 bits for user-defined payload
? Customize MIPI D-PHY protocol decoding with B4641A Protocol Development Kit

Configuration Considerations

? Requires 16800 or 16900 Series logic analyzers with 68-channels or more
? High impedance probing for signal integrity E5381A
? For stimulus, add a pattern generator and N4861A MIPI D-PHY Digital Stimulus  Probe

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Items delivered:

- N4851A MIPI D-PHY Digital Acquisition Probe
- Power Supply

The probe is in excellent cosmetic condition and is 100% functional tested -  comes out of operation.
Ready for your application

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