Agilent / Keysight N4860A DigRF v3 Digital Stimulus Probe 312Mbps N4850A N4851A

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Manufacturer: Agilent / Keysight

Model: N4860A DigRF v3 Digital Stimulus Probe

S/N: MY47000166


The Agilent N4860A digital acquisition probe operates in conjunction with 16800  and 16900 Series logic analyzers. This probe provides digital acquisition and serial stimulus capabilities required for DigRF v3 based IC  evaluation and integration.

Agilent N4850A Features:

DigRF v3 Compliant Digital Stimulus
? Maximum stimulus speed: 312 Mbps
? Voltage level support: 1.8 V LVDS, 1.2 V LVDS, SLVDS
? SysClk speed support: 19.2 MHz, 26.0 MHz, 38.4 MHz
? Over air standard support: 2.5G and 3GPP (e.g. GSM, EDGE, CDMA, CDMA-2k,  W-CDMA)

Stimulus Probe Operation

? Converts raw IQ and control information to DigRF v3-compliant data and control  packets
? Provides continuous DigRF v3 stimulus to replace a missing BB-IC or RF-IC
? Enables modification of critical control settings while looping
? Responds to "Clear to Send" per the DigRF v3 specifications

Methods for Creating Raw Digital IQ in Simple ASCII Format

? Signal Studio
? Advance Design System (ADS)
? Custom programming package
? Captured logic analyzer trace converted to digital stimulus

Configuration Considerations

? Requires probe N4850A DigRF v3 Digital Acquisition Probe
? Requires 16800 or 16900 Series 68-channel (or more) logic analyzer with a  pattern generator
? Connects to target using SMA (m-m) connectors
? Refer to data sheet for more information

Items delivered:

- N4860A DigRF v3 Digital Stimulus Probe
- Power Supply

The probe is in excellent cosmetic condition and is 100% functional tested -  comes out of operation.

Hersteller: Agilent
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