Amersham Biosciences Ultrospec 1100 Pro UV/Vis Spectrometer 200-900 nm + Printer

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Manufacturter: Amersham Biosciences

Model: Ultrospec 1100 pro UV/visible spectrophotometer 200-900 nm incl. DPU-414 Thermal Printer

S/N: 80-2112-02 (Plum)

Inspection (1100 Pro and DPU-414) due 2018


The Ultrospec™ 1100 pro UV/visible spectrophotometer is an easy to use instrument that is optimized for the biological science teaching laboratory and for industrial, utility QC, and environmental testing situations. In addition to the basic modes of operation, the instrument has enhanced software and method storage functionality while menu options can be password-protected if required.
The instrument will output alphanumeric text to a standard parallel printer (not bi-directional) and connect to a PC using a custom, serial interface lead. It can be used in conjunction with SWIFT 1000 software, or made to download directly to a spreadsheet. The UV lamp on Ultrospec 1100 pro can be switched off when the required measurements are in the visible region only. 
The instrument is supplied complete with a single cell holder that can accommodate standard 10 mm pathlength cells (disposable, glass, or UV silica). To clean the sample compartment, simply pull it out and wipe it clean.
Ultrospec 1100 pro has a multipurpose output connector on the rear panel, and will output alphanumeric results via a Centronics cable to a standard parallel printer (not bi-directional) if connected. The time intervals and scan modes will output to a chart recorder if the appropriate interface lead is used.
The back-lit liquid crystal display has large characters that are easily visible—and useful if a group of students are gathered around for a demonstration. The keypad is a very hard-wearing spill-proof membrane.

Software modes invlude:

- Absorbance and % Transmission: Make basic sample measurements
- Factor Concentration: Calculate concentration from a known factor
- Time intervals: Use for simple kinetics studies
- Wavescan: Record a sample spectrum
- Standard Concentration: Compare sample concentrations with that of a known standard
- Standard Curve: Store multi-point calibration curves in memory for subsequent use with samples
- Reaction Rate: Apply a factor to an absorbance change over a specified time interval for use with reagent test kits
- Multi Wavelength: Use absorbance values in equations specified by you for direct output of results, saving post run calculation
- Nucleic Acids: A230, A260, A280, A320, Concentration and A260/280, A260/230 ratios
Methods: Store up to nine methods, in any combination of the above modes, in the memory for ease of use


- Modes for nucleic acid quantitation, standard curve
- Ideal for modern teaching laboratories
- Definition of nine stored methods
- Ease of use in QC and production line situationsand kinetics
- Modern, intuitive, and easy to use
- Flexible function soft keys
- On-screen prompts make instrument easy to use
- Basic measurement modes coupled with enhanced software functionality
- Customization of menu with password-protected set up
- Modes not currently required can be disabled by a supervisor
- Easy lamp replacement


- Wavelength range: 200–900 nm
- Monochromator: Plane grating with 1200 lines/mm
- Wavelength calibration: automatic upon switch on
- Spectral bandwidth: 5 nm
- Wavelength accuracy: ± 2 nm
- Wavelength reproducibility: ± 0.5 nm
- Light sources: tungsten halogen (both) and deuterium arc
- Detector: single solid state silicon photodiode
- Photometric range: - 0.300 to 3.000A, 0.01 to 99999 concentration units, 0.1 to 200 %T
- Photometric linearity: ± 0.5% or ± 0.005A to 2.000A at 546 nm, whichever is the greater
- Photometric reproducibility: 0.5% of absorbance value to 2.000A at 546 nm
- Stray Light: typically <0.2%T at 220 nm using NaI and <0.2%T at 340 nm using NaNO2 according to ANSI/ASTM E387-72
- Stability: ± 0.002A/h at 0A after warm-up
- Noise: ± 0.001A near 0A and ± 0.002A near 2A at 600 nm
- Analog output: 100 mV per 1.000A via interface lead
- Digital output. Centronics parallel (not bi-directional) as standard, 9-pin serial via interface lead
- Dimensions: 345 x 435 x 140 mm
- Power requirements: 90–265 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 VA
- Weight: 6.5 kg

Items delivered:

- Amersham Biosciences Ultrospec 1100 Pro UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (without UV lamp)
- DPU-414 Thermal Printer
- Power Cords
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail


The units are in good cosmetic condition. They are both functional tested but need a new uv/vis lamp before next operation.

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