Binder CB210 CO2 Mammal Cells Incubator 9140-0039 incl. Permadry Water Pan

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Manufacturer: Binder

Model: CB210 CO2 Incubator incl. Permadry Water Pan

P/N: 9140-0039


Series CB incubators are suitable for the cultivation of mammal cells under typical conditions of approx. 37°C. The incubator permits setting defined pH conditions by common NaHCO3 buffer systems of commercial cell media by keeping an exact CO2 atmosphere inside. CB incubators guarantee high humidity inside to avoid osmolarity increasing caused by the evaporation of the cell media. The gas enters the chamber via a fine filter (aseptic filter) with a high filtration efficiency that also filters the smallest particles.
A highly precise, drift-free CO2 infrared measuring system in combination with the permanent mixture of CO2 gas through a special proprietary gas mixing head developed by Binder allows precise and constant CO2 concentrations for long periods. This creates optimum growth conditions for cultures. The CO2 measuring system can be removed from the inner chamber by hand and cleaned with suitable detergents if needed. Fast reaction times, maximum accuracy and selectivity characterize the CO2 measuring procedure of the CB incubator series. The accuracy of the CO2 measuring system is based on a single-beam infrared measuring cell, which measures in differential mode using the permanently alternating transmission feature of its semi-conduct filter.


- The CO2 incubator CB210 is equipped with a multifunctional microprocessor display controller MB1 with technology for temperature, CO2 level and a digital display accurate to one-tenth of a degree resp. 0.1 vol.-%
- The inner chamber, the pre-heating chamber and the inside of the doors are all made of stainless steel. The inner surfaces are smooth and therefore easy to clean. The inner chamber is deep-drawn from one piece, polished (suitable for pharmaceutical applications) and has no welds or inaccessible corners. The hinges and the seal of the inner glass door are glued from the outside to aid cleaning of the inner chamber. When operating the chamber at high temperatures (sterilization), the impact of the oxygen in the air may cause discoloration of the metallic surfaces (yellowish-brown or blue) by natural oxidation processes. These colorations are harmless and will in no way impair the function or quality of the unit.
- The perforated shelves are also made of stainless steel. Permitted shelf loads: Maximum load of one single shelf: 10 kg. Maximum total load of all shelves: 30 kg.
- The housing is RAL 7035 powder-coated. All corners and edges are also completely coated.
- The heating system of the CO2 incubator permits hot-air auto-sterilization at a set point of 187°C.
- Thanks to the standard safety device (class 3.1 according to DIN 12880), the set temperature is maintained in case of failure.
- The Permadry system developed by Binder is an effective and easy to handle system that ensures high humidity inside the incubator without any condensation forming on the inner surfaces. The Permadry water pan consists of two pans in which the outer one is heated and the inner one cooled. with the slight difference of temperature caused by that cooling, the central pan is the specific point for condensation of the surplus humidity. Therefore, all other inner surfaces remain dry.
- The design concepts behind the CO2 incubator CB210 considerably reduce the risk of contamination due to the smart construction of the unit which allows easy manual cleaning of the smooth and polished inner surfaces (suitable for pharmaceutical work)  and autoclaving of its removable parts like door gasket and shelves, which are easily removed without screws (though this is generally not necessary because they can remain inside the incubator during sterilization). The incoming gas used in the operation passes through a fine filter (aseptic filter, filtration efficiency 99.99 %) with a high filtration efficiency, which can also filter the smallest particles. You can remove the CO2 sensor from the inner chamber by hand for disinfection. The Permadry system developed by Binder is an effective and easy way to ensure high humidity (up to 95 %) inside the incubator without any condensation forming on the inner surfaces. The heating system of the CO2 incubator permits hot-air auto-sterilization at a set point of 187 °C.


- Nominal temperature: 187°C
- Temperature range: from 7 up to 60°C
- CO2 range: 0 to 20 vol.-% CO2
- Setting accuracy: 0.1 vol.-% CO2
- CO2 measurement: IR
- Enclosure protection:: IP 20
- Temp. safety device: DIN 12880
- Communication interface RS 422
- Class: 3.1
- Nominal power: 1.50 kW
- Power plug: Shock-proof plug
- Nominal voltage: 230 V, single-phase unit
- Nominal current: 6.6 Amp
- Power frequency: 50/60 Hz
- Exterior dimensions (W x H x D): 740 x 1069 x 715 mm
- Wall clearance rear: 100 mm
- Wall clearance side: 50 mm
- Number of doors: 1
- Number of inner glass doors: 1
- Interior dimensions (W x H x D): 560 x 750 x 500 mm
- Interior volume: 210 l
- Number of perforated shelves of stainless steel 1.4301/V2A: 3
- Size of shelf (external) (W x D): 556 x 444 mm
- Weight (empty): 121 kg

Items delivered:

- Binder CB210 CO2 Incubator
- 3x perforated shelves of stainless steel 1.4301/V2A (P/N: 6004-0082)
- Permadry water pan (P/N: 4022-0081)
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail


The unit is in excellent cosmetical condition, 100 % functional tested and ready to be operated.

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