Thermo Scientific Forma Direct Heat CO2 Incubator 184 L Digital Model 311 TC 230

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Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

Model: 311 Forma Direct Heat CO2 Incubator; TC 230


The 311 Forma Direct Heat CO2 Incubator TC 230 has a high capacity chamber for maximum culture space, lighter weight and it is more mobile than traditional water-jacketed designs. Its intuative controls ensure easy operation.


- Accurate control of temperature and CO2concentration.
- High performance heating elements and advanced insulation surrounding the culture chamber are excellent for temperature uniformity and recovery.
- Audible and visual alarms notify you of temperature deviations+/-1°C and CO2 deviations greater than 1% from set point, excluding deviations due to door openings.
- CO2 concentration ranges from 0 to 20% with +/-0.1% control.
- Stackable to conserve valuable lab space.
- Choose between the standard thermal conductivity (TC) sensor with accurate gas sensor technology, or the infrared (IR) sensor with exclusive split-beam technology – the perfect sensor for precise CO2 control in fluctuating temperature and humidity conditions.


- Capacity: 184 L
- Control Type: Digital
- Max. Temperature: 50 °C
- Overall dimensions (D x H x W): 62.9 x 97.8 x 66 cm
- Chamber dimensions (D x H x W): 50.8 x 68 x 53.7 cm   
- Power: 230 VAC
- Power: 1380 watts
- Internal Construction: Stainless Steel

Items delievered:

- Thermo Scientific 311 Forma Direct Heat CO2 Incubator; TC 230
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail


The Incubator is in excellent comsmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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