Dionex Thermo Ultimate 3000 VWD HPLC System Iso Isocratic Pump incl Chromeleon 7

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Kategorie: HPLC / LCMS

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Manufacturer: Dionex / Thermo Scientific

Model: Ultimate 3000 Isocratic Pump / Variable Wavelength Detector System

        + Chromeleon 7 License

Date of Purchase: 10/2007


Ultimate 3000 ISO-3100A Pump
P/N: 5035.0014
Isocratic pump (analytical; 1 solvent)

Ultimate 3000 Solvent Rack SRD-3200
P/N: 5035.9250
SRD with analytical 2-channel vacuum degasser typically for use with HPG-3200 (SD or RS) or ISO-3100 pumps

Ultimate 3000 Autosampler WPS-3000TSL Analytical, with sample thermostatting
P/N: 5822.0020

Ultimate 3000 Thermostat TCC-3000
P/N: 5722.0000

Ultimate 3000 VWD-3100 Variable Wavelength Detector
P/N: 5074.0005
The VWD-3100 offers excellent noise and drift performance to ensure high sensitivity over a wavelength range of 190?900nm at 1nm resolution and 100Hz.

UltiMate 3000 Analytical flow cell for VWD-3x00(RS) 316. Stainless Steel. 11 µL 10 mm
P/N: 6074.0250

The system is in very good technically as well as cosmetically condition. Stayed under service contract for the whole period of usage.
Complete Service history, qualification and validation documents available.

Last Service of the whole system was is 08/2017.
Please have a look at the pictures of the performance test after last service.

More Pictures will follow..

If you have any question regarding shipping or transport please get in contact with us.

Hersteller: Dionex

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