Eppendorf Mastercycler ep realplex 2 qPCR Real Time PCR ThermoCycler Gradient S

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Manufacturer: Eppendorf

Model: Mastercycler ep realplex 2

No. 6300 000949; 5345 021091

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The Eppendorf Mastercycler ep realplex 2 is a small, robustly designed instrument for real-time PCR solutions. This real-time PCR system meets the requirements of the latest quantitative PCR applications.
Extremely fast temperature ramping, short detection times and intuitive assay programming translate to huge time-savings so that more experiments can completed per day-always with accurate and reliable results. It's flexibility is beyond compare-this completely open system allows you to use tubes, plates and reagents of your choice.
No other real-time cycler on the market today offers such freedom!
Mastercycler ep realplex 2 is compact in size, so it can fit in virtually any lab, no matter how limited the benchspace. It's modular and therefore makes upgrading easy, for example: realplex allows you to upgrade your Mastercycler ep gradient S to a real-time PCR cycler at any time; the realplex2 module can be easily replaced by the realplex4 module if/when multiplexing becomes essential. The excellent heating and cooling rates together with a high fluorescence reading speed make the Mastercycler ep realplex a very fast real-time PCR machine.
The machine features a special 96-well heating block, which enables rapid thermal cycling. Innovative Eppendorf Thermal Sample Protection technology prevents premature heating of the samples, which significantly reduces the amplification of nonspecific PCR products during this heating phase. And a solid construction with minimal moving parts makes this a quiet, dependable unit that promotes consistently high sensitivity in your real-time PCR experiments.
The overall system has been solidly engineered, to ensure quiet operation in the laboratory.

The Optical System:
The optical system of the Mastercycler ep realplex 2 offers a new proprietary particle protection technology and very sensitve photomultipliers of the latest generation.  A minimal number of moving parts in the optical detection module minimises the vulnerability of the overall system and promotes consistently high sensitivity in your real-time PCR experiments. Unlike many other qPCR machines, this machine uses 96 static LED’s to generate light for excitation. This means that the whole fluorescence detection process is static and involves no moving parts. Other machines which use a moving excitation & detection head are irritatingly noisy, especially when measuring PCR product melting curves with SYBR Green.    The fluorescent dyes chosen for each experiment are excited by an array of 96 individual LEDs, which have a substantially longer lifespan in contrast to halogen lamps.  The result is a real-time PCR system that is less susceptible, minimizing equipment downtime and the frequency of maintenance and associated delays to your experiments. The LEDs generate a blue light at a wavelength of ~470 nm, which can excite nearly all fluorophores used in real-time PCR (including SYBR®Green, FAM, VIC, TET, HEX, ROX, JOE, TAMRA). Emitted fluorescence is focused through an array of lenses and is passed to the optical detection unit through 96 individual optical fibers. Immediately upstream of the detectors, two high-quality emission filters with bandwidths of 10 nm to 30 nm are contained in a filter rotor.
New type channel photo-multipliers (CPM) serve as the detectors, which in contrast to conventional photomultiplier tubes, are far less sensitive to magnetic field interference.

The Software:
Realplex software offers maximum flexibility for data processing. Data results can also be imported into Microsoft Excel at any time to comply with established analysis and documentation procedures in your laboratory. The realplex software has been designed with "user-friendly" in mind: the intuitive user interface ensures a simple, fast PCR and assay set-up as well as simple transfer of PCR protocols that have been previously established on other real-time PCR systems.


- Electrical requirements: 220-240 V 50-60 Hz 800 W

Items delivered:

- Eppendorf Software CD Mastercycler ep realplex 2.0
- Instruction Manual


The Eppendorf Mastercycler ep realplex 2 is in excellent cosmetic as well as good working and technical condition. It is fully functional being 100% functional tested. It is ready to be operated - buy with confidence.

Hersteller: Eppendorf
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