Eppendorf realplex 4 qPCR Real Time Cycler 96-Well 4 Color incl. Cal. / Software

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Manufacturer: Eppendorf

Model: realplex 4 (96-Well Silver Block)

P/N: 5345 / 6302


Small, fast and flexible-the Mastercycler ep realplex real-time PCR system meets all the latest requirements of quantitative PCR applications. Extremely fast temperature ramping, short detection times and intuitive assay programming translate to huge time-savings so that more experiments can completed per day-always with accurate and reliable results. It's flexibility is beyond compare-this completely open system allows you to use tubes, plates and reagents of your choice. No other real-time cycler on the market today offers such freedom.     New! Modified Slip Cover (light transmissive cover for optical openings in heated platen assembly, US patent pending).     Mastercycler ep realplex is compact in size, so it can fit in virtually any lab, no matter how limited the benchspace. It's modular and therefore makes upgrading easy, for example: realplex allows you to upgrade your Mastercycler ep gradient S to a real-time PCR cycler at any time; the realplex2 module can be easily replaced by the realplex4 module if/when multiplexing becomes essential.     Innovative Eppendorf Thermal Sample Protection technology prevents premature heating of the samples, which significantly reduces the amplification of nonspecific PCR products during this heating phase. And a solid construction with minimal moving parts makes this a quiet, dependable unit that promotes consistently high sensitivity in your real-time PCR experiments.

The RealPlex4 has four color filters, enabling fluorescence monitoring at the following wavelengths: 520, 550, 580 & 620 nm. This means that it is immediately compatible with the majority of reporting dyes. Importantly, for people who routinely use TaqMan® Mastermix from Applied Biosystems, the RealPlex4 can detect ROX passive dye, and easily normalize base-line fluorescence levels, minimizing experimental variation between multiplets, and giving more accurate results. This can certainly be useful in highly sensitive quantitative assays.


Quality in all forms     
The new optical system of the Mastercycler ep realplex offers a new proprietary particle protection technology* and very sensitve photomultipliers of the latest generation.     
Automated Real-time PCR     
Mastercycler ep realplex & epMotion 5070 automated pipetting - Automated real time PCR for everyone!     
Optical highlight     
The fluorescent dyes chosen for each experiment are excited by an array of 96 individual LEDs, which have a substantially longer lifespan in contrast to halogen lamps.     
Programmed for success     
With a total of six different evaluation modules realplex software offers maximum flexibility for data processing.     
Real-time PCR Licence     
It is and always has been Eppendorfs policy to respect intellectual property of other parties.


Model: ep realplex4 S
Block homogeneity (°C): 20 - 72 ± 0,3, 90 ± 0,4
Temperature range (°C): 4 - 99
Lid temperature range (°C): 105
Gradient temperature range (°C): 1 - 24
Power (W): 800
Power (V/Hz): 200 - 240
Sample capacity: 96×0,2 ml PCR tubes or one 96 PCR plate
W×D×H (mm): 260×410×396
Weight (kg): 24

Items delivered:

- Eppendorf realplex 4 S qPCR Real Time Cycler
- Eppendorf realplex Software
- Eppendorf Connection Cable with USB Adapter
- Eppendorf Instruction Manuals

The qPCR machine realplex 4 is perfect technical as well as cosmetical condition and works perfectly fine.

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