FOSS Soxtec 2043 2046 Extraction System Unit 0.1-100% fat - Complete! - Tested!

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Manufacturer: FOSS, Denmark

Model: Soxtec™ 2043 Fat Extraction System

S/N: 520039692 (2043 Extraction Unit)
520039691 (2046 Control Unit)


The Soxtec™ 2043 is designed for rapid, safe and economic extraction of solid  and semisolid materials. This has been achieved by applying a patented version of the Soxhlet extraction technique. It is designed for maximum user  convenience through batch handling of six samples at a time.

The Soxtec 2043 is CE approved according to the LVD and EMC Directives. It  consists of an Extraction Unit and a Control Unit. The extraction unit must be installed in a well ventilated fume hood (air flow 0,5 m/s). The sample  to be analyzed is weighed into thimbles and inserted in the Extraction Unit. The cups are heated by the electrical heating plate. The 3-step extraction  procedure consists of boiling, rinsing and recovery.
The system is flexible and suitable for a wide variety of applications in the  food, feed, environmental and industrial segments. It is designed to work with all common solvents used for solvent extraction (we do not recommend the  use of Diethyl ether due to the explosion risk when handling it.) Typical solvent recovery is 80%, only ~10 ml solvent is used per sample. Sample  preparation prior to GC/HPLC work is also possible using a specially designed seal. The repeatability is equal to traditional technique (1% rel. or  better).

Features and benefits:

• Only ~10 ml of solvent used per sample with the recovery system
• Separate timer functions for each extraction step make programming and  procedure conveniently repeatable
• Accessories for batch handling improve laboratory efficiency
• Official approvals AOAC 991.36 (meat), AOAC 2003.05, 2003.06 (feed), SCAN-CM  49:93 (paper/pulp), EPA method 3541 (PAH in soil)


Thimble size: 26 × 60 mm. Approx. 25 ml
Solvent volume: 40 ml
Extraction time: typically 40 to 60 min, depending on application
Capacity per batch: 6 samples
Capacity per day: 30-36 samples
Measuring range: 0.1-100% fat
Accuracy: According to official approvals
Repeatability: ± 1% rel. or better at 5-100% fat
Heating up time: from 20°C to 280°C in 7-9 min (230 V)
Dimensions WxDxH: Extraction Unit (57x35x58cm)
Control Unit (28x23x19cm)
Weight: Extraction Unit (30kg)
Control Unit (3kg)

The instrument comes with the following accessories:

15220018 Cellulose thimbles, Ø 26mm (set of 25)
10001431 Cup holder
10001473 Thimble stand, metal
10001462 Extraction cups (9 sets of 6 each, 54 pcs complete), aluminium
10002517 Seals for condensers, butyl (set of 6)
10001080 Thimble support holder
10001466 Thimble Adapters, 26mm
N/A Viton Seal Set
15820050 1 Pack of Tube Clamps
15820051 1 Pack of Tube Clamps
N/A 2 Packs of Boiling Stones
15820004 PVC 8×11 L=480 mm Tubing
N/A 2 diffrent sized nippers/pliers

Items delivered:

- Foss Soxtec 2043 Extraction Unit
- Foss Soxtec 2046
- Mentioned Accessories
- Power Cable
- User Manual
- Application Note
- Chemical Analysis Guide CD

The whole system is very complete and in excellent condition. It is 100%  functional guaranteed.
Buy with confidence.

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