Dräger Pac III Gas Monitor with Interface Cradle Gas-MEßgerät

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Manufacturer: Dräger

Model: Pac III Gas Monitor with Interface Cradle Gas-MEßgerät

P/N (Pac III Gas Monitor): 8313653   
S/N (Pac III Gas Monitor): ARTE-0243

P/N (Interface Cradle): 4530052
S/N (Interface Cradle): ERRA-0098


The Drager Pac III is a portable and real-time single gas monitor that has the ability to datalog data for continuous monitoring of either toxic gases or oxygen in the ambient air at the workplace, depending on which DrägerSensor is installed.
It can be used for many different tasks including environmental, hygiene and confined space monitoring.
The unit has a variety of gas sensors available that can be easily interchanged.
Not suitable for measuring process gases!


Environmental conditions:
– during operation:
–20 to 40 °C, for explosion protection T6
–20 to 55 °C, for explosion protection T4
700 to 1300 hPa
10 to 95 % r. h.
- recommended storage conditions:
0 to 30 °C
30 to 80 % r. h.
Protection class:
- vertical operating position: IP 54
- without sensor aperture: IP 64


Operating times at 25 °C,without alarm, with fully charged battery:
– Alkaline supply unit > 600 hours
– rechargeable power supply unit > 200 hours
– Lithium power supply > 1000 hours
Required recharging interval: at least every 3 weeks less for O2
Volume of the signal tone emitter at distance of 30 cm = 90 dB A typically
Dimensions (W x H x D): 67 mm x 116 mm x 32
Weight, with alkaline battery and sensor: approx. 200 g
CE marking: Electromagnetic compatibility (Directive 89/336/EEC) in connection with all the sensors intended for use with the Pac III, configured in the standard gas range.

Items delivered:

- Dräger Pac III Gas Monitor
- Interface Cradle
- Power Supplies
- Battery O-Ring
- Instruction Manual
- Software 3.nn


The Gas Monitor is in very good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested.

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