FOSS XDS MasterLab Rapid Content Analyzer NIR Spectrometer + Software Vision

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Manufacturer: FOSS

Model: XDS MasterLab Rapid Content Analyzer NIR Spectrometer incl. accessories
(Now available from Metrohm)

P/N (XDS Rapid Content Analyzer): 463019
S/N (XDS Rapid Content Analyzer): 3013-0726

P/N (XDS Monochromator XM-1000): 463017
S/N (XDS Monochromator XM-1000): 3010-0913

P/N (XDS Iris): 60014793

P/N (Reference Assembly, MasterLab): 60023359

P/N (XDS NIR Refl. Standards Certif): 60014805
S/N (XDS NIR Refl. Standards Certif): RSS11056
Date Certified: 18.06.2009

P/N (VISION Software): 6.6069.412


The XDS™ Rapid Content Analyser is an advanced infrared NIR analyser for rapid non-destructive measurements of solid, viscous and liquid formulations in the laboratory.
It provides rapid nondestructive analysis of virtually any solid, viscous and liquid samples making it ideal for research laboratories.
It is designed for precision NIR measurement, characterization of organic materials, qualification of known materials to allowable quality parameters and stable operation in harsh environments, providing the precision and accuracy.
With the XDS Rapid Content Analyzer you can replace routine tests, reduce product hold time and virtually eliminate quarantine time.
Composition or material identification testing is performed on samples contained in their original vials, bags or bottles.
The Solids Module extends analysis to virtually any solid form from fine powders to coarse granular materials, pellets and flakes.
Technical excellence ensures simplicity of use, efficient operations and the capacity to handle a wide range of sample types.
XDS Rapid Content analyser is ideal for agricultural research laboratory applications and routine analysis due to highly versatile analysis platform that is both accurate and fast.
The instrument can be used for analysis of raw materials, for process control and for analysis of final products.
XDS Monochromator, XDS Rapid Content Module and XDS Iris are the main items of the system.
XDS Laboratory Monochromator:
XDS NIR technology ensures precise instrument matching and seamless calibration transfer.
Hot-swappable interface allows rapid changing of additional sampling modules with no compromise in performance.
Spectral coverage: 400-2500 nm.
XDS Rapid Content Module:
Horizontal sample plane is the sampling module for reflectance analysis of solids in vials, bags or beakers, which is located in front of the monochromator due to the mating connection plates.
Sample centering iris for reproducible sample positioning.


- Outstanding performance and patented scanning technology that provides excellent ease-of-use and seamless method transferability
- 400 - 2500 nm scanning range with sensitive outlier detection minimises the number of samples needed to get a robust transferable calibration models between instruments
- Non-destructive analysis of solids and liquids and superior analytical performance in less than a minute
- Flexible sample presentation in standard XDS sample cups or in disposable plastic bags, glass vials or beakers
- A safe and environmentally-friendly solution that does not involve sample preparation, reagents, hazardous chemicals or chemical waste
- Full spectra outlier detection for secure results
- Network-ready analyzer for centralized database management


Voltage: 240V - 50/60Hz
Current: max. 750VA
Wavelength range: 400 - 2500nm
Wavelength accuracy: <0,05nm
Operating temperature: +5°C - +35°C
Operating humidity: 10 – 90% relative
Spectral resolution: 2nm
Fuse: 5.0 AMP
Dual detector system: Silicon (400-1100nm), Lead Sulphide (1100-2500nm)
Data acquisition rate: 2 scan/sec
Dimensions: (W x D x H): 45,7 x 57,2 x 38,7cm
Weight: 31,25 kg

Items delivered:

- XDS Monochromator XM-1000
- XDS Rapid Content Module
- XDS RCM Iris
- XDS NIR Refl. Standards Certif
- XDS tray for reflection standard
- Reference Assembly, MasterLab
- 4 attachments for round/rectangular measuring cells (tablets, vials)
- aperture plate
- 3 lamps XDS Lab
- 2 replacement fuses
- fixing screws
- smpl brush oval
- spatula
- network cable
- power sypply
and some other accessories (see pictures)


The whole unit is in excellent condition, fully tested, 100% functional and ready for your application.

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