GFL Incubation Heating Water Bath 1013 14 L 99,9 °C + SS Lid + Perforated Tray

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Manufacturer: GFL

Model: Incubation Inactivation Water Fluid Heating Bath 1013 + SS Lid + Perforated Tray

S/N: 10590900 l


GFL Incubation/Inactivation Baths have been successfully distributed for decades. They stand out through their excellent performance and robust material. The Water Bath 1013 is successfully used for incubations and inactivations of cultures, e. g. for warming bacteriological media, processing chemical reactions or thawing frozen samples.


- Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation.
- Excellent temperature constancy: ± 0.1 °C temporal.
- Excellent temperature uniformity in the whole bath through built-in circulation system.
- Digital temperature readout and setting via LED display, in steps of 0.1 °C.
- Soft touch keys with characteristic symbols.
- Electronic monitoring; in case of fault, cause is reported on display.
- Two independently working over-temperature protections.
- Heating element, bath interior, cover, lid and perforated tray made of stainless steel.
- Thermal insulating and double-walled arched lid prevents twisting and dropping back of condensed water into the test tubes.
- Corrosion proof exterior housing made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated.


- Temperature range: + 5 °C above ambient temperature to + 99.9 °C
- Heating bath temperature max.: 99,9°C
- Capacity: 14 l
- Interior dimensions (W x D x working height): 400 x 245 x 145 mm
- Exterior dimensions (W x D x H): 485 x 440 x 315 mm
- Electrical connection: 230 V / 50...60 Hz / 1.5 kW
- Weight: 12 kg

Items delivered:

- GFL Incubation Inactivation Water Fluid Heating Bath 1013
- GFL Stainless Steel Lid for Water Bath 1013
- GFL Perforated Tray for Water Bath 1013
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The entire unit is in excellent cosmetic as well operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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