Thermo Scientific KingFisher mL Purification Syst. Magnetic Particle 5400050 1mL

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Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

Model: KingFisher mL

Type: 701

P/N: 5400050

S/N: 701-346

YoM: 03.2004


The KingFisher mL magnetic particle processor is intended for professional research use. The instrument is intended for automated transfer and processing of magnetic particles in a 1 ml tube scale. Use for self-testing is excluded. It is recommended that Good laboratory Practices (GLP) are followed to guarantee reliable analyses.
The KingFisher mL magnetic particle processor is designed for the automated transfer and processing of magnetic particles in a 1 ml tube well scale. The principle of the KingFisher mL system (patents pending) is based on the use of magnetic rods covered with disposable, specially designed tip combs and tube strips. The instrument functions without any dispensing or aspiration parts or devices. Samples and reagents including magnetic particles are dispensed into the tubes according to the corresponding kit instructions. The steps of the protocol that is selected by the user via the keypad and display have already been preloaded in the on-board software.

The KingFisher mL instrument is designed for maximum 15 tube strips, which are compatible with the tip comb. The tube strip(s) is (are) kept stationary and the only moving assembly is the processing head with tip combs and magnetic rods. The head consists of two vertically moving platforms. One is needed for the magnetic rods (3 x 5 pieces) and the other one for the plastic tip combs. One tray contains fifteen separate tube strips and one sample processing uses one tube strip containing five tubes. One tip comb containing five tips is used for processing five samples at a time.
Before starting the magnetic particle processing via the keypad and display, the samples and reagents are dispensed into the tubes and the tip comb(s) is (are) loaded into its (their) slot(s). The tube strip(s) is (are) placed into the removable tray in the correct position and the tray is pushed into the end position. During the operation, the front and top lids can be closed or open. Closed lids protect the processing against environmental contamination. The operating principle employed is MPP (inverse magnetic particle processing) technology. Rather than moving the liquids, the magnetic particles are moved from tube to tube containing specific reagents, in contrast to the external magnet method. Magnetic particles are transferred with the aid of magnetic rods covered with disposable, specially designed plastic tip combs.

Advantages of processing magnetic particles with the KingFisher mL:

The KingFisher mL magnetic particle processor provides several advantages relating mainly to the principle of operation in that it:
- Enables automation of complicated manual steps
- Enables simultaneous processing and purification
- Enables a quicker reaction and a more efficient wash due to the simultaneous shaking during incubation and washing
- Facilitates a good collection of bead-bound sample due to the efficiency of the magnet
- Prevents carry-over due to the fact that the same tip is only used for one sample
- Facilitates the whole processing with the aid of an internal program.


Performance specifications:
- Tube-strip tray (autoclavable): Special design, 3 x 5 format
- Magnetic rods (fixed): 3 x 5 format
- Capacity: 15 samples/run (3 x 5)
- Vessel volumes: 50 µl – 1 ml
- Vessel type (disposable): Special tube strip, 1 x 5 tubes
- Tip comb (disposable): Special design, 1 x 5 format
- Magnetic particle size: ca. > 1 µm
- Collecting efficiency: 95%/vessel (washing buffer)
- Incubating temperature: Ambient temperature (i.e., no incubation)
- Keyboard / Display: START/STOP/two cursor keys/LCD
Technical specifications:
- Operating conditions (indoor use): +10°C – +40°C, RH: 90% max.
- Mains power supply: 100 – 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, nominal; Automatic voltage detection
- Power consumption: 80 VA max., 50 VA standby
- Heat dissipation: 273 BTU max.
- Computer interface: Serial RS-232C port. Baud rate 9600; Character format 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity; Flow control XON/XOFF
- Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 290 x 290 x 310 mm

Items delivered:

- Thermo Scientific KingFisher mL incl. Tube-strip tray, Tip comb holder, Tip comb slot with tip comb, Fixed magnetic rod holder (Please see therefore pictures)
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The whole system is in perfect cosmetic as well as technical and operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and is ready to be applied - buy with confidence!

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