QIAGEN QIAcube Automated PCR Nucleic Acid DNA RNA Protein Purification 1,5/2 ml

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Kategorie: Thermocycler (PCR, qPCR, dPCR)

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Manufacturer: QIAGEN
Model: QIAcube

P/N: 9001293

S/N: 12177 (Year 2011)


The innovative QIAcube uses advanced technology to process QIAGEN spin columns, enabling seamless integration of automated, low-throughput sample prep into the laboratory workflow. All steps in the purification procedure are fully automated ? up to 12 samples can be processed per run.
The QIAcube is preinstalled with a variety of protocols for automated purification of RNA, genomic DNA, plasmid DNA, viral nucleic acids, and proteins, plus DNA and RNA cleanup. All processing steps are performed by the QIAcube ? from sample lysis to elution of highly pure nucleic acids or proteins. No change of chemistry is required, assuring fast startup and immediate results and performance is comparable to the manual procedure.
The standardized, automated purification procedure helps to eliminate human error, providing results that are comparable between experiments and labs, and giving you more time to focus on downstream analyses. The fully automated centrifuge, equipped with 12 swing-out buckets, eliminates manual centrifugation steps giving you more time for other tasks. Innovative disposable rotor adapters hold spin columns and collection tubes in the centrifuge and collect wash buffers during centrifugation. Highly pure nucleic acids or proteins are eluted into collection tubes, ready to use in sensitive downstream applications.
The range of protocols available is continually expanding, and additional QIAGEN protocols can be downloaded free of charge at www.qiagen.com/MyQIAcube. In addition, customized protocols tailored to meet your specific application demands can also be requested.
An integrated touch screen simplifies protocol selection and clear on-screen messages guide you through worktable setup. The QIAcube takes ease of use to a new level. No external PC is required, saving valuable laboratory space. The innovative QIAcube controls integrated components including a centrifuge, heated shaker, pipetting system, and robotic gripper. The QIAcube is highly suitable for academic research laboratories as well as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biomedical research laboratories.


- Automated nucleic acid purification. DNA, RNA and protein purification
- Sequencing/sequencing analysis Gene expression analysis Genotyping Proteomics


- Automation of trusted QIAGEN spin-column kits
- Elution and sample volumes can be customized
- Elimination of manual processing steps
- Purification of DNA, RNA, or proteins
- More free time with affordable automated processing
- Standardized results
- Increased productivity


- Capacity: up to 12 samples per run
- Pipetting range: 5-900 µl
- Shaker: 100-2,000 rpm; heating range, ambient temperature to 70° C
- Centrifuge: 12,000 x g maximum; 12 rotor positions
- Reagent bottle rack: holds up to six 30 ml bottles
- Optical & Ultrasonic sensors: check samples, consumables and liquid loading for each protocol run
- Time: 30 to 120 minutes
- Interface: Touchscreen
- Power:  220 to 240 V AC, 50 to 60 Hz, 650VA
- Dimensions (WxDxH): 650 x 620 x 570 mm

Items delivered:

- User manual
- Reagent Bottle Racks
- Reagent Bottles 30 ml
- Shaker Rack ACCS
- Rotor Adapters
- Filter tips 200 µl; 1000 µl
... and lots of other accessoires (please see therefore pictures or contact us for details)


The whole system is in excellnt cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready for your applications.

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