Garvens/Mettler S2 Inline Checkweigher Reject Device Kontrollwaage Bandwaage

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Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo Garvens

Model: S2 Inline Checkweigher with Reject Device

S/N: 320497

Year of manufacture: 2001

Last Inspection: 31.05.17


Mettler Toledo Garvens S-Series Checkweighers are the result of continuing development in the field of dynamic weighing technology. Proven quality, new approaches to operation and flexible, modular design are the basic assets of this state-of-the-art weighing system. Mettler Toledo Garvens is the specialist for in-line weighing, and the world’s leading manufacturer of dynamic weighing systems. the system includes the Garvens PrintCard terminal, which is a desktop read/write unit for reading out data recorded by the checkweigher.The printCard terminal can be used with SmartCards having the Garvens standard file format.


Garvens S2 Inline checkweigher has a pneumatic belt reject and reject device which reliably sorts the off-weight products to protect your brand, printer and touch panel for easy operation, weight range up to 300g. This automated checkweigher is operated within user defined parameters and features a rejection chute that uses compressed air.


- Stainless Frame
- Power Requirements: 230V, 50Hz, 16A
- Capacity: 300 g
- Weigh Bed: 220mm x 180mm
- Total Length: 1000mm

Items delivered:

- Mettler Toledo Garvens S2 Inline Checkweigher with Reject Device
- PrintCard Terminal
- 3x SmartCards (Art.Nr. 24300498)
- Instruction Manuals


The Checkweigher is in used but good cosmetic condition. It is 100% functionally tested and functions as intended by rejecting any improper weight.

Hersteller: Mettler Toledo
Versandgewicht: 300,00 Kg

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