Heidolph RZR 2052 Control Overhead Stirrer 501-20521 Rührwerk Laborrührer Stand

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Manufacturer: Heidolph

Model: RZR 2052 Control Overhead Stirrer

P/N: 501-20521-00

S/N: 091001059


Electronic stirrers RZR series provide powerful stirring. The electronic stirrer RZR 2052 Control is installed on a stand with a clamp. The stirrer attaching rod is introduced into a clamp. The position is adjusted and secured with two clamp screws. The stirrer has a chuck for a stirring tool.
General Properties:

- The overhead stirrers offer the highest speed of their class
- The overheating protection reliably prevents accidents by overheating – particularly in temporally unlimited permanent use
- The overhead stirrers maintain a constant speed over the entire speed range of one gear stage
- The speed remains constant even with major fluctuations in viscosity
- Digital display for setting the process parameters and reading of speed and torque during the application
- The electronic overhead stirrers are designed for a brief temporary overload of max. 200%
- The desired speed of 30 to 20,000 rpm can be set directly at the panel or via the interface
- All units are suitable for permanent operation without any restrictions – even with highly viscous substances
- With the sealed housing, the overhead stirrers are designed for many years of maintenance-free permanent use in an aggressive environment

RZR 2052 control:

- With all advantages mentioned above
- 1 gear stage stirrers which hold speed constant under changing loads
- Accepts torque of 180 N/cm in an overload situation and 90 N/cm for continuous operation at speeds from 30 – 1,000 rpm
- Viscosity range up to 40,000 mPa/s
- Enhanced bright digital display for torque and speed


- P rating: 140 W
- Speed range: 30-1000 1/min
- Torque max.: 180 N/cm
- Display speed: Digital
- Electrical: AC 230 V 50/60 Hz
- dimensions (in mm): 82 wide; 211 high; 176 deep
- operating temperature: 0 – 40 °C
- protection class: IP 40
- serial interface: RS 232
- stirrer coupling: 10,5 mm chuck, drive shaft features bore to hold tool shafts of up to 10 mm dia.
- stirrer attaching system: 13 mm dia. Rod (stand)
- operational mode: 100% continuous
- display: 8-digit LCD, 2 lines, 5.6 mm high characters

Items delivered:

- Heidolph RZR 2052 Control Overhead Stirrer (as pictured)
- Instruction manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The whole item is in good cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is good working being 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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