Innovative Imaging I3 System ABDv2 Diagnostic Analog Digital Ophtalmic Ultrasound

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Manufacturer: Innovative Imaging Inc.

Model: I3system-ABDv2 Microprocessor Controlled Diagnostic Analog / Digital Ophtalmic Ultrasound System

S/N: V205-18908


The I3system-ABDv2 is an advanced, microprocessor controlled, analog/digital ophtalmic ultrasound instrument. It has been designed to be very user friendly, with access to all modes available through a single keystroke.
Features include B-scan mode with electronic measurement calipers and simultaneous Cross Vector A-scan, Anterior Segment B-scan mode for imaging of anterior ocular structures, Axial Length Biometry A-scan mode with Holladay-I, SRK/T, and Hoffer-Q IOL power calculations, and Standardized Equivalent Diagnostic A-scan mode fot tissue characterization.


- Posterior Segment Diagnostic B-scan mode (10 MHz):
The system produces a two dimensional, 52-degree, geometrically accurate analog sector image with superior real time, resolution, and gray scale qualities. The image extends 48 mm into the eye allowing imaging of objects from the lens to the orbit. B-mode images may be displayed with or without a measurement scale or a Cross Vector. The Cross Vector may be positioned anywhere in the B-scan or expanded to an A-scan view for accurate measurements. Two electronic measurement calipers may be used to make accurate measurements on the B-scan itself.
- Anterior Segment Diagnostic B-scan mode (20 MHz):
This mode is also called Wide Field. In this mode the sector angle is 30-degrees, and the image is magnified four times more than the B-scan. The image penetrates 12 mm into the eye allowing imaging of the cornea, ciliary structures, and other anterior ocular structures. Electronic measurement calipers and the measurement scale are available There is no Cross-Vector A-scan measurement available in the Anterior segment B-scan mode.
- Standardized Equivalent Diagnostic-A:
In Diagnostic A-Mode the system produces an analog A-scan with superior clinical quality using an S-shaped amplifier for tissue characterization. Accurate 2 gate measurements may be performed in both microseconds and millimeters using velocities that may be adjusted by the user. Globe and orbit modes are available, along with a tissue sensitivity reset function.
- Biometry A-scan mode Mode:
In all Biometry modes, the system produces an A-scan with superior clinical quality for accurate axial langth measurements of the eye. The instrument is easily set up for either immersion or contact biometry. The instrument is designed to ensure that the internal process used to validate measurements is visible to the user. A very important example of this is the visible indication of which echoes the electronic measurement calipers are measuring. Another example is the on-screen display of the ultrasonic velocity used to calculate the measurements reported. These features help the user to recognize a high-quality scan that will produce an accurate measurement (and consequently, when to reject lower quality scans.)
- Biometry Manual vs. Automatic Freeze:
the manual-freeze mode is the preferred mode of operation because it allows the user to be more discriminating. In manual-freeze modes the operator decides when to stop scanning by pressing a footswitch to freeze the scan. The auto-freeze mode allows the instrument to decide when to stop scanning, and consequently will freeze as soon as minimally acceptable scan is present.
- Available Biometry Measurement Modes (Eye Types):
The Innovative Imaging Inc. biometry system can automatically measure a patients whose eyes have a natural lens (phakic), no lens (aphakic), and eyes with several types of implanted lenses. The currently selected eye type and the associated measurement method are displayed with the A-scan at all times. Measurements are displayed only if the A-scan pattern meets the requirement of the built-in pattern recognition software.


B-scan Modes:
- High resolution analog static deflection display with excellent gray scale
- True geometry with stepped zoom and pan
- Entry and display of patient data and system parameters
- Image processing: Logarithmic, S-1, S-2, S-3
- Quiet, reliable, factory filled, sealed probe
- Gray scale: 256 Shades
Posterior segment 10 MHz B-scan Mode:
- Electronic measuring capipers
- 25 frames per second true real-time image
- Resolution, optimally: 0.15 mm axial 0.2 mm lateral
- Selectable simultaneous cross vector A-scan
- Cross vector scale: calibrated to 1550 m/s
- B-scan probe speed: 25 frames per second
- Sector scan angle: 52 degrees
- Image depth: 45 mm
Anterior segment 20 MHz B-scan mode:
- 14 FRAMes per second true real-time image with 20 MHz anterior segment probe
- Electronic measuring calipers on B-scan with variable velocity
- B-scan resolution, optimally: 0.075 mm axial, 0.090 mm lateral
- B-probe scan speed: 14 FRAMes per second
- Image: width 10 mm x Depth 12 mm
- Sector scan angle: 30 degrees
A-scan modes:
- Measurement accuracy: 0.05 mm Inherent; 0.10 mm clinical
- Display and entry of patient data and system parameters
- High resolution analog display with excellent clarity
- Store up to 20 A-scans internally
- Vertical A-scan resolution: 8 bits
Standardized equivalent diagnostic A-scan mode:
- 2-gate measurements
- A-scan measurement: displayed in mm with variable velocities
- Tissue sensitivity value stored in memory with reset function
- Probe frequency: 8 MHz parallel beam
Axial length biometric A-scan mode:
- 4-Gate measurements
- Capable of scanning with both immersion and contact techniques
- IOL power calculations formulas: Holladay-I, SRK/T, Hoffer-Q
- Pre-programmed velocities for aphakic and 3 kinds of pseudophakic
- Probe frequency: 10 MHz focused beam
- Manual/Auto modes with built-in pattern recognition
- Solid probe with internal fixation light
- Probe frequency: 10 MHz focused
Overall system specifications:
- System size (W x D x H): 49 x 49 x 38 cm
- Weight: 15 kg

Items delivered:

- Innovative Imaging Inc. I3system-ABDv2 Microprocessor Controlled Diagnostic Analog / Digital Ophtalmic Ultrasound System
- Cables including probes (S/N: SPW20-02 & SP10-1116)
- Instruction Manual


The whole system is in perfect cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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