Leica DM6000 B Fluorescence POL ICT Motorized Microscope DFC500&350FX LAS 3.8

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Manufacturer: Leica, Germany

Model:    DM6000B Fluorescence/Polrarization/Difference  Interference Contrast Microscope
                 High-End Camera Configuration: DFC350 FX Camera & DFC500 Camera
                 CTR6000 Power Supply / Control Unit
                 Smart Move Remote Control
                 LEJ EBQ100 Mercury Burner Power Supply

The microscope comes with the Leica Application Suite 3.8 for WinXP or 4.9.0 for  higher Windows Versions

S/N:         11888107 (DM6000  Microscope)
                 276223 (CTR6000)
                 06 3780802418 (LEJ EBQ100)


The Research Microscope that Leaves Nothing To Be Desired The automation of this  microscope, every module of which is motorized, is brilliant.
Together with our new digital cameras, which have been specially tuned to match  the DM DigitalMicroscope series, as well as software products for image analysis and image archiving, you will receive a system that is perfect for your work. The  automated transmitted-light axis of the Leica DM6000 B can be used with all common transmitted-light methods – including fully automated interference  contrast. The stand is also equipped with a standard fluorescence axis, which optionally can be fitted with a 5x or 8x filter turret. The Z drive of the Leica  DM6000 B is motorized, providing you with the conveniences of parfocality and saved focus levels. Additionally, the Leica DM6000 B features a motorized stage  which functions as an integral part of the entire system. The objective turret
offers space for 7 objectives, and is also motorized and absolute encoded. The  LeicaScreen makes controlling all motorized components particularly easy.
It is supported by the Leica "SmartMove" remote control unit.

Key Facts:

• Automatic Diaphragm Adjustment
• Automatic Light Adjustment
• New: Transmitted Light Axis With Constant Color Intensity Control (CCIC)**
• New Condensers for a New Level of Automation
• Clarity Wherever You Look
• New Stages and Specimen Holders For Your Convenience
• Variable Function Keys
• Five New Viewing Tubes for Pin-Sharp Images
• New 1.25x Scanning Objective
• Brightfield, Phase Contrast (need optional condenser inserts), Interference  Contrast , Darkfield and Polarization
• 8-position Filter Cube Changer
• Integrated BG38 Filter
• Single Keystroke Contrast Switching – Easier Than Ever Before
• Individual Microscope Configuration and Control
• Digital Cameras For Every Requirement

High-End Camera Configuration:

Leica DFC 500 High-resolution Peltier Cooled Digital Color Camera
The Leica DFC500 digital camera with up to 12 Megapixel resolution quickly  captures high-speed, highest-quality real-time images for darkfield, brightfield  and phase contrast
microscopy in life science, clinical and industry applications.
By using a patented pixel shifting technology absolutely clean high quality  images can be created without interpolation artefacts.

Leica DFC350 FX Active Peltier Cooled Noise Free Fluorescence Digital  Monochrome Camera
The Leica DFC350 FX monochrome Digital Camera is specially designed for  fluorescence analytical imaging requirements. The Leica DFC350 FX digital camera  records live cells,
sequences of motion and fluorescence specimens or particles that are susceptible  to photobleaching, even at the lowest light intensities. High sensitivity in the  visible and infrared
spectrum ensures reliable results in fluorescence microscopy, especially for GFP  and other low illumination applications. The stylish Leica DFC350 FX digital  cameras housing is lightweight
and compact, and easily attaches to your particular microscope.

For the specifications summary please see the last photo.

Configuration of the DM6000B motorized microscope:

Leica P/N 11888107
Leica DM6000 B  Research Microscope stand base including transmitted light axis with motorized  aperture and field diaphragms, motorized shutter, automatic Constant Color Intensity Control (CCIC),with 7 keys  for automatic Illumination Management (controlling aperture, field diaphragms and light intensity), with 6 programmable functions keys for automatic Contrast Management, with touch panel Leica Screen' for display and controlling contrast management and motorized  modules.

Leica P/N 11888091
Leica DM6000 B  stand top, consists of microscope top with motorized 7-fold revolving nosepiece (25mm thread) including fluorescence axis  with motorized FIM (fluorescence intensity manager) and motorized field diaphragm disc  with motorized 8-fold turret for fluorescence filter  cubes, analyzer cube, reflector cubes
Leica P/N 11888109
Supply unit CTR6000  including integrated power supply for 12V/100W and control of the motorized  microscope  functions.
Leica P/N 11505180
SmartMove for remote  control of X,Y, Z
Leica P/N 11888085
Motorized Z drive with  two focusing knobs for z movement
Leica P/N 11888100
Ground plate with filter  magazine
Leica P/N 11504046
Daylight filter, 32mm
Leica P/N 11505146
Observation Tube BDT  25+V100/50/0, mechanical documentation tube, with fixed viewing angle 30°, field  of view 25, variable beam splitters, 3 beam splitter positions: 100% eyepieces, 50% eyepieces: 50% documentation port,  100% documentation port
Leica P/N 11541507
Dual Foto Adapter HC  100/100 for 2 cameras
Leica P/N 11541510
Qty 2, HC f. 1 1.0x  C-Mount Adapter for each camera
Leica P/N 10445111
10x/21B 30mm Focusable  Eyepieces MOK-93
Leica P/N 12730047
DFC350 FX 12-Bit Active  Peltier Cooled Noise Free Fluorescence Digital Monochrome Camera, lowest signal  to noise ratio, Exposure time adjustable from 5..600 sec  High sensitivity in the visible and infrared spectrum,
Leica P/N 12730066
DFC500 High-resolution  Peltier Cooled Digital Color Camera, Real 12 megapixel resolution and real 42  bit RGB color representation by means of microscanning, Perfect picture and color quality with minimum noise even in very low fluorescence, Precise reproduction of extremely fine details and color nuances  in highlights and shadows
Leica P/N 11504069
Lamp housing LH 106z,  6-lens collector, fitted with Mercury Hg 103 W/2 Burner (Brandnew!)
Leica P/N 11500325
LEJ EBQ100 Mercury Burner  Power Supply
Leica P/N 11504080
Lamp housing LH 106z, 12V  100W, 1-lens, fitted with Halogen lamp 12V 100W
Leica P/N 11888091
Motorized 8-fold turret  for fluorescence equipped with the following filter cubes:
Leica P/N 11513888
Y5 Filter Cube "K" Excitation Range "red", Excitation Filter BP 620/60, Dichr. Mirror 660,  Suppression Filter BP 700/75
Leica P/N 11513883
N3 Filter Cube "K" Excitation Range "green", Excitation Filter BP 546/12, Dichr. Mirror 565,  Suppression Filter BP 600/40
Leica P/N 11513880
L5 Filter Cube "K" Excitation Range "blue", Excitation Filter BP 480/40, Dichr. Mirror 505,  Suppression Filter BP 527/30
Leica P/N 11513874   
 A4 Filter Cube "K" Excitation Range "UV", Excitation Filter BP 360/40, Dichr. Mirror 400,
Leica P/N 11513900
Analysator Cube for  transmitted light DIC or POL, Size K, Suppression Filter Analyzer
Leica P/N    -                 
Adjust Cube
Leica P/N 11505143
Condenser DIC (usable for BF, PH, DF, ICT), for mot. condenser top, incl. condenser turret, mot. (7-fold),  incl. mot  polarizer with ->
Leica P/N 11505150
0.90 S1 Condenser top
Leica P/N 11555016
ICT condenser prism K2
Leica P/N 11555017
ICT condenser prism K3
Leica P/N 11555018
ICT condenser prism K4
Leica P/N 11888091
7-Place Nosepiece with  equipped with the following objectives:
Leica P/N 11506215
HCX PL FLUOTAR 1.25x/0.04
Leica P/N 11506504
Leica P/N 11506165
HC PLAN APO 10x/0.40  Cover Glass 0.11-0.23
Leica P/N 11506167
HCX PLAN APO 40x/0.85  CORR Cover Glass 0.11-0.23
Leica P/N 11506213
HCX PL APO 63x/1.20 W  CORR ?BL Cover Glass 0.14-0.18
Leica P/N 11506220
HCX PL APO 100x/1.40-0.70  OIL Cover Glass 0.17
Leica LAS Leica Application Suite 4.9.0 for Windows 7/8/10
Leica LAS Leica Application Suite 3.8 for Windows XP
Actual Listprices

Leica    P/N   11506220 Obj.HCX PL APO 100x/1.40-0.70 OIL                EUR 4,118.55
Leica    P/N   11506280 Obj. HCX PL APO 63x/1.20 W CORR Lbd Bl     EUR 7,374.00
Leica    P/N   11506294 Obj. HC PL APO 40x/0.85 CORR                        EUR 2,886.14
Leica    P/N   11506284 Obj. HC PL APO 10x/0.40                                    EUR 1,453.28
Leica    P/N   11506224 Obj. HC PL FLUOTAR 5x/0.15                             EUR 670.65
Leica    P/N   11506215 Obj. HC PL FL 1.25x/0.04                                    EUR 1,925.33
Leica    P/N   11888091 Leica DM6000 B stand top, 8-fold fluo              EUR 8,500.00
Leica    P/N   11555018 ICT-condenser prism K4                                       EUR 778.30
Leica    P/N   11555017 ICT-condenser prism K3                                       EUR 778.30
Leica    P/N   11555016 ICT-condenser prism K2                                       EUR 1,035.67
Leica    P/N   11505150 Condenser head 0.90 S1                                      EUR 353.88
Leica    P/N   11505143 Condenser DIC                                                       EUR 3,702.80
Leica    P/N   11513900 Filter system analyzer; size 'k'                              EUR 725.09
Leica    P/N   11513874 Filter system A4 UV; size 'k'                                  EUR 1,192.00
Leica    P/N   11513880 Filter system L5; size 'k'                                         EUR 1,447.00
Leica    P/N   11513883 Filter system N3; size 'k'                                        EUR 1,390.00
Leica    P/N   11513888 Filter system Y5; size 'k'                                         EUR 1,277.00
Leica    P/N   11504080 Lamp housing 107/2, 12V 100W, 1-lens             EUR 277.79
Leica    P/N   11500325 Power supply ebq 100 mc-L                                  EUR 1,346.00
Leica    P/N   11504069 Lamp housing 106z, Hg 100W, 4-lens,1.5m       EUR 1,338.20
Leica    P/N   12730066 Leica DFC500 digital camera kit                           EUR 10,855.00
Leica    P/N   12730047 Leica DFC350FX R2 digital camera                     EUR 10,315.50
Leica    P/N   10445111 Eyepiece 10x/21B, adjustable                               EUR 210.50
Leica    P/N   11541510 C-Mount adapter 1x HC f. 1"                                  EUR 113.22
Leica    P/N   11541510 C-Mount adapter 1x HC f. 1"                                  EUR 113.22
Leica    P/N   11541507 Photo socket HC FSA 100/100 w. 2 exits            EUR 1,174.00
Leica    P/N   11505146 Basic docu tube BDT 25+V100/50/0, mech.       EUR 1,778.09
Leica    P/N   11504046 Daylight filter, 32mm                                                EUR 57.54
Leica    P/N   11888100 Ground plate with filter magazine                         EUR 196.74
Leica    P/N   11888085 Focus drive, motorized                                            EUR 350.00
Leica    P/N   11505180 Smart Move for DM/DMI Series                            EUR 840.17
Leica    P/N   11888109 Supply unit CTR6000                                              EUR 4,508.66
Leica    P/N   11888107 Leica DM 6000 B / M, basic stand                        EUR 3,550.00

List Price in Total: EUR 76,633.62

The whole system is very complete and in absolutely mint condition.  Everything is working just fine and smooth.
The Mercury Burner is brand new and has worked just for demonstration purposes  (30min).
The Smart Screen has a few erroneous lines, the touchscreen is fully functional.  All Functions are also available through the LAS Software.

If required, we can offer a personal delivery within Germany.

Hersteller: Leica
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