Zeiss Axio Imager M2 fully motorized Microscope Scanning Stage 3CCD Cam

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Manufacturer: Zeiss, Germany

Model: Axio.Imager M2 motorized
           with Scanning Stage
           with JAI CV-M9CL HighRes 3CCD Camera
           Computer with AxioVision & Grabber Card/Software for

P/N: 430004-9902

S/N: 3525000349

The Zeiss Axio Imager M2 is an upright, fully motorized, PC controlled, high  performance research microscope.


Zeiss 430004-9902 Axio Imager M2 Stand
Zeiss 425506-0000 Binocular phototube 30°/25 (100:0/30:70/0:100) reversed image  with motorized eyepiece shutter
Zeiss 444034-9000 2x Eyepieces PL 10x/25 Br. foc.
JAI CV-M9CL Advanced 3CCD camera (progressive scan CCD)
Zeiss 424907-0000 6-Position reflector turret motorized
Zeiss 424502-0000 7-Position objective nosepiece, HD M27 motorized
Zeiss 420320-9901 EC Plan-NEOFLUAR 2.5x/0.075
Zeiss 420330-9901 EC Plan-NEOFLUAR 5x/0.16
Zeiss 420340-9901 EC Plan-NEOFLUAR 10x/0.30
Zeiss 420350-9900 EC Plan-NEOFLUAR 20x/0.50
Zeiss 420360-9900 EC Plan-NEOFLUAR 40x/0.75
Zeiss 424220-9901 Achromatic-aplanatic pathology condenser 0.9 H motorized
Prio Scientific H101AXIM motorized X-Y Scanning Stage
Zeiss Transmitted-Light Illumination (HAL 100 Illuminator with Collector)
Zeiss Power Supply 232 for HAL100 and Axio Imager M2

The following functions are motorized:
- X-Y-Z Manipulations
- Objective Nosepiece selection
- Reflector Turret selection
- HAL 100 Illumination Intensity
- Aperture for HAL 100 Illumination
- and many more settings, saved positions and presets...

Items delivered:
- Zeiss Axio Imager M2 (configuration above)
- Computer preinstalled with WinXP, AxioVision, Cam Grabber Software
- Computer Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
- National Instruments MID-7604 Camera Controller with JAI CV-M9CL Advanced 3CCD camera
- Zeiss Power Supply 232

The microscope is in absolutely excellent condition and has been used very  rarely. 100% functional tested.

Hersteller: Carl Zeiss

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