Leitz Dialux Forensic Comparison Microscope Vergleichsmikroskop + 5x Obj. + HAL

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Manufacturer: Leitz Wetzlar (now LEICA), Germany

Model: Dialux Comparator Comparison Microscope


The Dialux Forensic Comparison Microscope has a split-screen viewing facility  with a dividing line between the two part images.
Comparison Microscopes are the perfect tool for teaching forensics or any  comparative science such as comparing healthy tissue to diseased tissue. It allows side-by-side comparisons of two slides as well as the  capability to view each slide individually. The high quality optics and precision mechanics a safe and flexible value.

Configuration of each of the two microscopes:

Leitz Dialux Stand with Transmitted Light Illumination
Leitz Lamphouse with HAL Illumination connected with optic fibre
Leitz Illumination Power Supply
Leitz 5 Place Nosepiece equipped with following objectives:
Leitz PL 2.x/0.08 170/-
Leitz Plan 4x/0.10 160/-
Leitz NPL Fluotar 10x/0.30 170/-
Leitz NPL Fluotar 25x/0.55 160/0.17
Leitz NPL Fluotar 40x/0.70 160/0.17
Leitz X-Y Mechanical Stage with Specimen
Leitz Swing Top Condenser 0.90 Flip Out with Aperture

In addition to the two microscope stands equipped with the above  configuration they are connected with a Leitz comparison bridge.
This Leitz comparison bridge has a split-screen viewing with a dividing  line between both sides. On top you can find a Leitz Binocular Observation Tube w/o video port with 2x Leitz Periplan GF 12.5x/20 M.

Items delivered:

- Leitz Wetzlar Dialux Comparator Comparison Microscope (with mentioned  configuration)
- Power Supply
- Illumination Stand with Lamphouse and Fibre Optics Connection
- Power Cord

The whole system is fully working. The optics are clean but the mechanical  manipulation is a bit difficult. It has to be lubricated/oiled a bit
for smoother manipulation.

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