Memmert SFP 400 Steriliser Perfect Oven Cabinet 53 L 250°C Heißluftsterilisator

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Manufacturer: Memmert

Model: SFP 400 Steriliser Perfect

P/N: 10365912

S/N: G410.2111


Memmert SFP 400 hot air Steriliser SFP series is designed for drying, heating, thermostating, heat treatment. The oven SFP is intended for the sterilisation of medical materials by dry heat using hot air at atmospheric pressure. This drying cabinet belongs to the class P and provides opportunities for programming and documentation. A delay timer, an electromagnetic door lock and a fine air filter are standard. Temperature range up to 250 ° C.


- Electronic fuzzy-supported PID process controller with permanent power matching and time-saving auto-diagnostic system for rapid fault finding
- Language selection
- Alphanumerical text display
- Internal report memory 1024kB for storing actual temperature, setpoint temperature, fan, air valve and error states with time stamp
The controller continuously records all relevant measurements, settings and error messages at 1-minute intervals. The internal report memory is arranged as a ring memory, i.e. the new data always overwrite the oldest report data. The report function cannot be switched off but remains active at all times. The data are stored in the controller, protected against any manipulation. The controller memory can be read to produce documentation. Every data set is stored with a unique date stamp. The size of the internal report memory is 1024kB. This corresponds to a memory capacity of approximately 6 months‘ continuous operation. During ramp operation a larger amount of data are stored in the memory so that the maximum report duration may be reduced. If the power supply is interrupted, the instants of power failure and restoration of power are stored in the controller.
- A MEMoryCard XL with 32 kB storage capacity, reprogrammable for up to 40 ramp segments and additionally 270 hours report memory at 1 minute intervals
A temperature programme with up to 40 ramps can be programmed on the MEMoryCard XL. The selected settings are written directly to the card and stored on it. After the card has been removed, the programme stored internally in the controller becomes again activated.
Documentation on memory card MEMoryCard XL:
The actual temperatures can be documented continuously on the memory card while the programme is running from the chip card. A certain amount of storage space is provided for documentation depending on the programme duration. The sampling rate is set automatically by the controller depending on the programme duration. With a programme duration up to 270 hours the documentation of the actual values on the MEMoryCard XL takes place with a 1-minute cycle. With programmes of longer duration the sampling time is extended up to 30 min max. Documentation is started afresh on each programme start; the old report data are overwritten.
- Programme sequence control for up to 40 ramp segments
- Control of oven and documentation of actual values on MEMoryCard XL
- Fan with speed adjustment on recirculation ovens (adjustment in 10% steps)
- Air valve with servo adjustment (adjustment in 10% steps) for recirculation or fresh air operation
- Integral weekly programmer with group function (e.g. all workdays)
- Recessing push/turn control for simple operation of oven
- Visual alarm indication
- Built-in sounder as alarm on overlimit, as audible signal at programme end, and to acknowledge input (key click)
- Digital monitor controller for overtemperature, undertemperature, and as automatically setpointfollowing monitor (ASF)
- Mechanical temperature limiter (TB Class 1)
- Monitor relay to switch off heating in case of fault
- Two separate PT100 temperature sensors Class A in 4-wire circuit for control and monitoring
- Convenient integral 3-point temperature calibration
- Temperature-dependent ventilation of control panel and door
- Parallel printer interface (PCL3 compatible)
- Serial RS-232C interface for computer-supported temperature programmes and for reading the internal report memory
- External housing is made of stainless steel (Mat.Ref. 1.4016). The chamber is made of stainless steel (Mat.Ref. 1.4301) which exhibits high stability, optimum hygienic properties and corrosion resistance against many chemicals.


- Capacity: 53 L
- Temperature: 30 °C … 250 °C
- Controller: Perfect
- Circulation System: Forced
- Material: Stainless Steel
- DIN12880-Kl.: 3.1
- DIN EN 60529 - IP 20
- DIN 58 947 Part 6
- Power max.: 1400 watts
- Power: 230/50 V/Hz
- Dimensions (W x D x H) 550 x 480 x 680 mm

Items delivered:

- Memmert SFP 400 Steriliser Perfect
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The Steriliser is in excellent cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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