Mettler Toledo AT200 /M Analytical Balance 205g 0.1mg Pro FACT + RS-P42 Printer

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Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Model: AT200 /M Analysewaage Analytical Balance 205g 0.1mg Pro FACT + RS-P42 Printer

S/N: 1114050836

Last functional test: 04.2018

Last calibration: 05.2018

Description of the AT200:

This Mettler Toledo AT200 Analytical Balance is an electronic benchtop top-loading analytical balance with fully automated calibration technology (FACT) manual/motorized doors is used for precision weighing applications.
Automatic stability detector is a menu-selectable function which let you slow down the stabilization rate for better reproducibility. Motion detection symbol on display disappears, indicating that the balance is stabilized and ready for weighing. The glass draft shield is completely automatic to make your weighing procedures more convenient. The draft shield can be opened at either side and at the top. You can program the balance to open all doors at once, or any combination that is convenient to you. You can also control the doors through the balance's built-in data interface. Or if you prefer, you can still operate the doors manually. The AT200 balance includes a built-in Mettler Toledo CL (20mA current loop) interface that lets you add adapters to link up with systems having an IEEE-488 interface. And the RS-232-C operates bidirectionally at all standard transfer rates from 150 to 9600bps, for connection to computers, printers or other peripheral instruments. Every feature on the AT balances has been designed to make your job easier. The weighing pan is built very low to the surface, so you can rest your hand on the table when dispensing the sample. Access to the weighing chamber has never been better thanks to the nominal framework needed for the draft shield.

Features of the AT200:

- Auto-Retracting Glass Outer Draft Shield
- Removable Inner Draft Shield
- Built-in Calibration Weights
- Thermally Encapsulated Weighing Cell
- Built-in CL and RS-232C Interface
- Large DeltaTrac Informative Display
- Fully Automatic Self-Adjustment and Linearization

Specifications of the AT200:

- Readability: 0.1 mg
- Weighing Capacity: 205 g
- Taring Range: 0…205 g
- Repeatability (full load): 0.07 mg
- Repeatability (0…50 g): 0.04 mg
- Linearity: ±0.15 mg

Description of the RS-P42:

The rugged RS-P42 allows detailed GxP compliant documentation of the results without sacrificing much bench space. The approximately 5 cm wide printouts can easily be included in a lab journal. The printer provides printouts of weighing results, regular adjustments and depending on the balance it also prints out individual configuration application results.
The connection to a balance or analytical instrument is accomplished via a standard RS232C interface. As a dot matrix printer, the RS-P42 meets all demands of modern quality assurance systems (GLP, GMP, ISO9001).

Features of the RS-P42:

- Avoiding transcription errors
- Complete data records assured
- Essential in quality assurance
- Required by GLP/GMP/ISO

Specifications of the RS-P42:

- Printing speed: Faster than 1 line per second
- Paper type: Normal and adhesive paper, 58 x 51mm
- Interfaces: RS232C with 9 Pin male connector
- Printing unit: Dot-matrix, 24 characters/line

Attachable devices & supported functions of the RS-P42:


Items delivered:

- Mettler Toledo AT200 /M Analysewaage Analytical Balance 205g 0.1mg Pro FACT w/ Protective Cover
- Instruction Manual

!!! Please NOTE: Mettler Toledo RS-P42 Printer (Optional: Mettler Toledo LC-P45 Printer) is not included in this offer. Please contact us for an offer for both items !!!


The items are in very good cosmetic condition. Both of them are 100% functional tested, fully operational and function as intended. The balance has been extensively tested with our inhouse calibration weights and ready for you to be applied.

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