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Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Model: XP205 /M Analytical Balance (verifiable)

S/N: 1129063332

Features and Benefits:

? SmartGrid: unparalleled weighing performance, thanks to the revolutionary grid weighing pan which successfully minimizes the effects of turbulence in the weighing chamber. Results are more accurate and stabilization times dramatically shorter. 
? SmartSens: hands-free operation for personnel security The user can concentrate fully on the safe handling of samples to avoid spillage and minimize the risk of contamination. 
? SmartScreen: guides the user by color for safe operation. Outstanding ease of use with touch-screen technology. 
? LevelControl: warns if the balance is not correctly levelled to ensure the accuracy of your results. 
? Connectivity: pace-setting interfacing flexibility - including Ethernet, Bluetooth (wireless connection) and PS/2 - for efficient data capture and easy network integration.

Standard Features:
? SmartSens, hands-free operation
? SmartGrid, revolutionary grid weighing pan
? SmartScreen, ease of use with color touch-screen display
? ErgoClip for secure placement of all tare containers
? LevelControl warns if balance is not levelled correctly
? Automatic and detachable draftshield
? proFACT
? RS-232C interface
? Option slot for second interface, choice of 7 different interfaces.
? Inner draftshield plate, adjustable
? Protective cover
? Prepared for weighing below the balance
? Detachable and adjustable Terminal 
? QM-Toolbox, including user administration and password protection
? MinWeigh
? Target weighing
? Statistical evaluation
? Formulation with security check
? Density determintation
? Percent weighing
? Piece counting with reference optimization
? Data entry of 4 ID's

Maximum Capacity: 220 g
Readability: 0.01 mg
Minimum weigh (typical acc. USP): 21 mg
Minimum weigh (typical, U=1%, sd=2): 1.4 mg
Taring range: 0...220 g
Repeatability: 0.015 mg / 0.05 mg
Linearity: 0.15 mg
Eccentric Load: 0.25 mg
Adjustment with internal weights: proFACT, fully automatic time- and temperature-controlled adjustment
Adjustment with external weights: custom weights
Sensitivity offset: 2.5x10-6·Rnt
Sensitivity temperature drift: 1x10-6/°C·Rnt
Sensitivity stability: 1x10-6/a·Rnt
Settling Time: 1.5 s
Interfaces: RS-232C
Dimensions: 263x487x322 mm (WxDxH)
Usable height of draft shield: 235 mm
Size of weighing pan: 78 x 73 mm

Items delivered:

- Mettler Toledo XP205 /M Analytical Balance
- Power Supply
- ErgoClip Set
- Protective Cover for XP Terminal
- Instruction Manual

The analytical balance stayed under contract the whole period of usage. We have the complete service history and qualification/calibration documents available.
The technical as well as the cosmetic condition is perfect - 100% functional tested.

Last Calibration was on 03.2017 done by DAkkS/DKD.

If you need a printer - we can offer you a Mettler Toledo RS-P42 printer together with the balance. Just get in contact with us.

Hersteller: Mettler Toledo
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