New Brunswick Eppendorf Innova U101 -86°C ULT Ultra Low Temperature Freezer 101L

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Kategorie: Ultratiefkühlschränke (bis -150°C)

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Manufacturer: New Brunswick

Model: Innova U101 -86°C ULT Ultra Low Temperature Under-Bench Upright Freezer

P/N: U9420-0001

S/N: 1005-6447


Keep your samples safe, secure and easily accessible with the space saving Innova U101. Model U101 is a unique, personal-size upright freezer that fits easily on or under your lab bench or can be stacked 2 high. This personal sized upright freezer  packs in all the features of our full uprights into one small package.

General product features:

- Vacuum insulation paneling reduces wall thickness providing up to 30% more storage capacity in a similar footprint
- Inner doors in upright models are gasketed and insulated creating 3 separate compartments minimizing cold air loss while accessing your samples (2 in U101)
- Adjustable height shelves for storage flexibility. Each rack is adjustable in 1/2" increments for odd size rack setup
- High-grade seals for outer door on all upright and chest models allow for rapid temperature recovery
- Stainless steel interior is easily cleaned and eliminates the possibility of oxidation
- Significantly reduced noise levels achieved through advanced compressor housing
- Unique heated air vent with plunger to clear ice buildup and to relieve vacuum formation to gain immediate access to the freezer
- Password protection of alarm and temperature setpoints to prevent unauthorized users from altering settings
- SMART Plus diagnostics which allows system engineers to diagnose most issues over the phone, saving you time and money
- Easy-to-read LED display with display of system alarms and diagnostics

Specific features for Innova U101 upright freezer:

- Capacity: 3.6 ft3, 101 L, up to 60 boxes or 6,000 samples
- Under the counter design for immediate access to personal samples and for labs tight on floor space, occupying only 5.4 ft2
- For added storage space, an additional U101 can be stacked on top of one another doubling the capacity while utilizing the same floor space
- Engineered with optimal air flow in mind allowing the unit to be placed flush up against the wall


- Insulation type: Vacuum insulation panels
- Ambient to –80°C pull down: 3.5 hrs
- Power consumption: 6.4 kWh/day; 265 Watts
- No. of inner doors: 2
- No. of cascading compressors: 2
- Capacity: 3.6 ft3 / 101 L
- Freezer racks:
- Max racks per shelf: 3
- Number of shelves: 2
- Max racks per freezer: 6
- Box capacity per freezer:
2" box: 60
3" box: 36
4" box: 24
- Sample capacity:
2" box: 6,000
3" box: 3,600
4" box: 2,400
- Ext. Dimensions: 83 x 90 x 56.6 cm
- Weight: approx. 117 kg

Items delivered:

- New Brunswick Innova U101 -86°C ULT Ultra Low Temperature Under-Bench Upright Freezer
- 5x U101 drawer rack for 2" tall boxes with trays (6 racks per freezer; each rack holds 10 boxes)
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The freezer is in very good cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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