Peqlab bioSan FVL-2400N CombiSpin Mini-Centrifuge Vortex Rotor R-1.5 12 x1.5 ml

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Manufacturer: Peqlab

Model: FVL-2400N Combi–Spin Mini-Centrifuge/Vortex + Rotor R-1.5 for 12 x 1.5 ml microtest tubes max. speed 6000 rpm

P/N: 010202-1108-0973

S/N: 560712067


Mini-centrifuge/Vortex Combi–Spin FVL-2400N is specially designed for genetic engineering research (for PCR–diagnostics experiments). It can be used in microbiological, biochemical, clinical laboratories and industrial biotechnological laboratories. Combi–Spin (the previous name Micro-Spin) provides simultaneous mixing and separation of samples, using centrifuge and mixing modules, located on the common spin–module. FVL-2400N is provided with protection mechanism that stops the rotor motion when the lid is opened. The device is designed for operation in bioincubators and cold rooms at temperatures from + 5°C to 40°C. Combi-Spin is designed for handling small quantities of liquid (micro quantity enzyme reactions mixture assembling/mixing inside the  microtest tubes before the thermoincubation in dry block cooler/heater thermostats, thermal cycler, etc.). It helps to save working space in laminar or PCR boxes.


- Rotation speed (fixed): 2,800 rpm
- Acceleration time: 5 s
- Continuos operation time: < 60 min
- Nominal operating voltage / Consumed power: 230 V; 50 Hz; 30 W (0.13 A)
- Fuse: T 250 mA
- Version: V.1AA
- Dimensions (W × D × H): 190 × 235 × 125 mm
- Weight: 2,1 kg

Items delivered:

- Peqlab FVL-2400N Combi–Spin Mini-Centrifuge/Vortex
- Peqlab Rotor R-1.5 for 12 x 1.5 ml microtest tubes max. speed 6000 rpm (BS-010205-AK)
- Instruction Manual


The item is in excellent like new cosmetic condition and in its original box. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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