Thermo IEC CL40 Benchtop Centrifuge Zentrifuge M4 High Throughput SwingOut Rotor

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Manufacturer: Thermo

Model: IEC CL40 Centrifuge + M4 High Throughput Swing-Out Rotor

P/N: 11210922

S/N: 307030059

YoM: 02.2007

Last serviced: 03.2017


The Thermo Scientific IEC CL40 is designed and manufactured to perform for years with minimal maintenance. The brushless induction motor maintains a low sound level to ensure a pleasant working environment. It offers a sophisticated blend of power and versatility to help you process your samples safely and efficiently. The IEC CL40 is an ideal solution for high volume clinical laboratories. Its operating is fast, easy and accurate with the simple, intuitive, watertight control panel and bright display which allowsfor continuous monitoring from across the laboratory.


Safety Assurance for Operators and Samples:
The IEC CL40 incorporates a comprehensive set of safety features that enables it to be safely operated by everyone in the lab.
- Audible and visual messages alert operators to any anomalies.
- In case of excessive imbalance, the machine stops within seconds.
- All rotors are automatically identified and prevented from exceeding allowed speeds.
- A double-lid locking system, armored chamber and other important features ensure complete operator safety.

Guaranteed Protection from Biohazards:
The IEC CL40 offers a range of accessories equipped with solvent-proof gaskets to ensure biocontainment.
- Transparent sealing caps allow the immediate detection of biological risks.
- In case of tube breakage, the individually sealed bucket can be removed and opened in a biosafety cabinet.
- If one tube should break, the samples in the other sealed buckets are still viable.

Versatile Accessories for Multiple Applications:
The IEC CL40 accepts samples up to 750 mL, including tubes, bottles, microplates, special containers.
- A wide range of rotors and inserts can handle sample tubes of all shapes and sizes as well as special carriers.
- It can accommodate large batches of tubes in the pre-analyticalpreparation of samples.

Intuitive Control Panel:
- Protocols can be saved in five memory locations on the panel—for instant recall with a single keystroke.
- For each protocol, centrifugation time, speed, 'g' force, temperature, acceleration and braking rates can be selected. Both set parameters and actual run conditions can be displayed and modified in real time.
- With the IEC CL40, precise RCF setting and display can be achieved for any kind of adapter or container simply by programming the radius to within 1 mm; additional automatic rotor recognition prevents unallowed speed from being achieved.

Reliable and Repeatable Runs:
- It incorporates precise microprocessor-based controls that ensure reproducible runs in conformity with GLP standards.
- To adjust protocols for spinning very fragile samples, its software provides 5 acceleration and 5 braking profiles. This permits the minimum run time to be achieved while avoiding resuspension of the pellet.

Precise Temperature Control:
- Ventilated IEC CL40 provides centrifugation at room temperature, with minimal sample temperature increase.


Max capacity: (4x750 mL) 3000 mL (Swing-out)
Max density: 1.2
Max load: 3.6 kg
Max speed: 4000 rpm (Swing-out M4)
Max RCF: 3810 x g (Swing-out M4)
Control system: Microprocessor
Programs: 5 (direct recall)
Speed set/display:
- Range: 500 - 7800 rpm
- Step: 10 rpm
- Accuracy: ±10 rpm
RCF set/display:
- Range:  20 - 9900 x g
- Step: 1 x g
- Accuracy: ±1 x g
Timer set/display:  30 s - 99 min + continuous
Acceleration rates: 5
Braking rates: 5 + no brake
Drive system: Direct
Motor type: Brushless induction
Chamber Diam.: 450 mm
Power: 230 V, 1200 W, 5 A, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase
Dimensions (H x W x D): 42 x 58 x 66 cm

M4 High Throughput Swing-Out Rotor (P/N: 11175338):
- Capacity: 4 x 750 mL
- Max. 6.6 kg
- Max Speed: 4500 rpm

Adapters for the sealed buckets (P/N: 11174218), which ensure biocontainment, protecting laboratory personnel from tube spillage or breakage:

4x 5 x 50 ml conical (P/N: 11177572 S/N: 0607/01) + 4x Caps (P/N: 25144058):
- Rotor Capacity: 20
- Max Tube: 30 mm
- Radius: 185 mm
- Max Speed: 4500 rpm

4x 10 x 15 ml conical (P/N: 11175781 S/N: 0608/04) + 4x Caps (P/N: 25144058):
- Rotor Capacity: 40
- Max Tube: 18 mm
- Radius: 188 mm
- Max Speed: 4500 rpm

Unsealed plate carrier: A specially-designed holder accommodates up to 4 microplates per bucket, allowing direct loading of the centrifuge with the bucket in place. Providing high RCF, the rotor permits high throughput microplate processing.
4x unsealed plate carriers (P/N: 11174223 S/N: 1307/06):
- Rotor Capacity: 12
- Radius: 173 mm
- Max Speed: 4500 rpm

Items delivered:

- Thermo IEC CL40R Refrigerated Centrifuge + M4 High Throughput Swing-Out Rotor
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request

!!! Please NOTE: The accessoires - adapters/buckets/plate carriers - are not included in this offer. Please contact us for an offer !!!


The item is in excellent cosmetic as well as technical condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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