Sartorius Arium 611 VF Water Purifier with UV and UF Water Purification System

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Manufacturer: Sartorius

Model: Arium 611 VF Water Purifier with UV and UF Water Purification System

S/N: 21704234


The Sartorius Arium 611 VF is a type 1 laboratory water purification system (Water exceeds ASTM, NCCLS, ISO and USP reagent water standards) designed to meet the requirements of reagent grade water for routine analysis where low endotoxin (0.001 EU/ml) and total organic carbon levels (<1 ppb) are required.


- Cell culture media
- Protein purification
- In-Vitro Fertilization


- Carbon-resin technology:
A unique carbon-resin combination enables the arium 611 VF system to produce ultrapure water with a resistivity up to 18.2 M¥ × cm. High purification capacity ensures long service life while at the same time optimizing water flow to achieve delivery rates up to 1.5 l/min.
- UV Oxidation Chamber:
In-line horizontally mounted UV chamber is capable of reducing TOC to levels <1 ppb.
- Hollow Fiber Ultrafilter:
In-line vertically mounted UF, capable of reducing endotoxins to less than 0.001 EU/ml.
- Four Line Alphanumeric VDU:
Continuously indicates water quality in M¥ × cm or µS/cm with compensated or noncompensated temperature. A self-diagnostic control feature monitors and displays status of the system on request.
- Removable Display and Dispense:
Display and dispense unit can be removed from the 611 casing enabling high quality water to be provided at point of use up to two meters from the systems installation point.
- Solid State Control:
Microprocessor controlled process-logic, continuously monitors system status to provide high purity water on demand 24 hours per day. A standby mode recirculates water for 15 minutes every hour of inactivity, thereby maintaining purity levels.
- Quality:
Inert materials used for all wetted parts guarantee the highest water purity.


- System footprint (Width x Depth x Height): 43 x 33.4 x 48 cm
- System weight (including cartridges and water): 23.6 kg
- Removable Display/Dispense (Width x Depth x Height): 30.2 x 15.7 x 11.3 cm
- Clearances:
Side 17 cm for handling
Top 5 cm for ventilation
Front 35 cm for door opening
- Electrical power requirements: 240 V AC 50–60 Hz
- Interface: RS232 Parallel Port
- Feed Water Requirements:
RO water: 20 K¥ × cm (50 µS/cm
Distilled water: 250 K¥ × cm ( 4 µS/cm)
Deionized water: 50 K¥ × cm (20 µS/cm)
TOC: <1000 ppb
Turbidity: <1 N.T.U
Silica: <1000 ppb
Minimum inlet pressure: Gravity
Maximum inlet pressure: 7 bar (103 psi)
- Product Water Quality:
Resistivity: 18.2 M¥ × cm
TOC: <1 ppb
Endotoxin: <0.001 EU/ml
Particles: <1/ml @ 0.2 µm
Bacteria: <1 CFU/ml
Flow rate: up to 1.5 l/min

Items delivered:

- Sartorius Arium 611 VF Water Purifier with UV and UF Water Purification System 
- 3x Sartopore 2 150 Sterile Capsule (P/N: 5441307H4--NO--B, 1x Lot no.: 230002803; 2x Lot no.: 236001703; YoM 2015)
- Sterile-grade Filter (sterile, ready-to-use membrane filter capsule) with tubing
- 2x Biofilm Cleaning Syringes (Effective Removal of Microorganisms for a Long Lifetime) (P/N: 611CDS1; YoM: 2016)
- Instruction Manual


The Arium 611 VF is in excellent cosmetic condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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