Thermo Dionex RF 2000 Fluorescence Detector 5057.0020 Summit DX-500 DX-600 IC

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Manufacturer: Dionex

Model: RF 2000 Spectral Fluorescence Detector

P/N: 5057.0020


This Dionex RF 2000 Fluorescence Detector (FLD) is designed for use with Dionex SummitTM HPLC systems and DX-500 and DX-600 IC systems. Two independent monochrometers provide the highest reproducibility of excitation and emission wavelengths, thereby facilitating the adaptation of methods to the optimum detection condition for individual components. The RF 2000 is integrated with the Summit HPLC system using the CHROMELEONTM chromatography data system, which further enhances productivity and provides compliance with GLP requirements.


A typical application for fluorescence detection is the determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in drinking water, wastewater, and ground and surface waters as specified by regulatory agencies. Analyzing these complex mixtures requires quick and precise wavelength switching to determine all components near the detection limit within the shortest possible time. Other typical applications include the analysis of aflatoxins, carbamates, vitamins, and amino acids in the toxicological, environmental, and food sectors.


- Highest Resolution:
The RF 2000 has optimized optical and electronic systems to provide exceptionally high sensitivity. For the Raman spectrum of water, a signal-to-noise ratio better than 300:1 is easily obtained. With the appropriate wavelength settings (both excitation and emission), trace components can be easily detected.
- Wavelength Selection:
The optimum excitation and emission wavelengths for different fluorescent compounds vary significantly. By time-programming both the excitation and emission wavelengths, the RF 2000 permits the response of each component to be optimized for selective trace analysis. In addition to chromatograms, spectra can be recorded within seconds using the wavelength-scanning feature. Comparing these spectra with a library created from known standards allows identification of the analyzed substances and facilitates method development.


- Light source: 150W xenon lamp
- Light source chamber: Ozone self dissolving type lamp house
- Number of grooves: 900 lines/mm
- Wavelength range: 200~650nm and 0 order
- Bandwidth: 15nm for both excitation and emission sides
- Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm
- Wavelength repeatability: ±0.2nm
- Wavelength scanning speed: SUPER, FAST, MEDIUM and SLOW, 4 steps
SUPER: Approx. 3,000nm/min
FAST: Approx. 600nm/min
MEDIUM: Approx. 120nm/min
SLOW: Approx. 24nm/min
- Wavelength moving speed: Approx. 15,000nm/min
- Detector: Signal side: Photomultiplier tube; Monitor side: Photodiode
- Measuring method: Ratio compensation system with monochromatic light monitoring
- Time constant: 0.1, 0.5, 1.5and 3s, 4 steps
- Sensitivity: HIGH, MED and LOW, 3 steps (sensitivity difference is approx. 32 times)
- Gain: x1, x4, and x16, 3 steps (approx. 1 time, 4 times, and 16 times)
- Range: 1/8 (0mV), x1, x1/2, x1/4, x1/8, x1/16, x1/32, x1/64, x1/128, x1/256
- Output terminals:
Recorder: 1mV, 10mV
Integrator: 1V/FS
Contact signal output (EVENT OUT output)
- Input terminals: Contact signal input (START input, STOP input)
- Cell: 12µl square quarts flow cell, pressure tolerance 1.96Mpa
- Communication: Controllable by CHROMELEON via RS-232C
- Display unit: Fluorescent display tube
- Power supply: 220V ±10% - 240V±10% 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption: 320VA
- Dimensions (w x d x h): 260 x 520 x 205 mm

Items delivered:

- Dionex RF 2000 Spectral Fluorescence Detector
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The unit is in perfect cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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