Thermo Multiskan Go 1510 Microplate Xenon UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

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Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

Model: Multiskan Go Type 1510 with cuvette port

P/N: 51119300

S/N: 1510-00162C

YoM: 2010

FW version 1.00.38


The Multiskan GO is a high-quality monochromatorbased UV/VIS spectrophotometer for 96- and 384-well plate reading, shaking and incubation, cuvette reading capability with incubation. It is used in spectral scanning, endpoint and kinetic measurements to measure absorbance in the 200-1000 nm wavelength range from appropriate 96- or 384-well plates with and without lids and various types of cuvettes. The Multiskan GO is a spectrophotometer that is used to measure photometric assays with defined 96- and 384-well microplates. The Multiskan GO with the cuvette version can also measure photometric assays with cuvettes. The Multiskan GO supports all common clear bottom 96- and 384- well plates with and without lids as well as low-volume plates (preferably a high base type). Flat and C-bottom shaped well bottoms are recommended, U-bottom plates are suitable but not optimal and Vbottom plates are not recommended. The plate carrier acts as the sample holder. The maximum plate height of a combined plate and lid is 18.5 mm. This Multiskan GO has an incorporated cuvette port that can measure the absorbance of solutions in suitable cuvettes.


- nucleic acid and protein analysis
- ELISA assays
- enzyme assays
- cytotoxicity and cell proliferation assays
- apoptosis assays


- The instrument allows incubation up to 45°C and shaking of the microplate.
- The instrument can be can be operated in several languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese).
- It is robotic compatible and can be connected to plate handling devices such as stackers.
- The unique Power Save function lowers its energy consumption.


- Operating conditions: +10°C to +40°C; maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C
- User interfaces: Standalone use: 4.5-inch color display and keypad; PC control: SkanIt Software
- USB connections (2.0 compatible): PC; Memory device port for data export; External printer (HP PCL5 compatible)
- Light source: Xenon flash lamp; Lamp lifetime typically 109 flashes (10 million 96-well microplates measured in fast mode)
- Detectors: Photodiodes for measurement and reference
- Wavelength selection: Monochromator
- Microplate shaker: Linear shaking with adjustable speeds. The cuvette option does not support shaking.
- Plates: 96- and 384-well formats; Maximum plate height with lid 18.5 mm; Maximum plate footprint: 128.4 x 86.1 mm
- Heat dissipation: 375 BTU max.
- Cuvettes Dimensions: 12.5 (W) x 12.5 (D) x 40?58 (H) mm; Beam center height: 8.5 mm; Beam window: = 2 mm
- Overall dimensions: 285 mm (W) x 430 mm (D) x 260 mm (H)
- Mains power supply: 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption: Max. 110 W, typical operation < 22 W, Power Save < 2.5 W

Items delivered:

- Thermo Scientific Multiskan Go Type 1510 with cuvette port
- USB cable
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The Multiskan Go is in excellent cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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