Thermo Neslab Merlin M75 Refrigerated Circulator Chiller Umlaufkühler +5..+35°C

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Manufacturer: Thermo / Neslab

Model: Merlin M75 Refrigerated Circulator Chiller +5..+35°C

P/N: 264125030002

S/N: 103008061


The Merlin M75 Recirculating Chiller provide a wide range of cooling capacity all in a highly reliable, spacesaving package for your critical application needs. It is ideal for applications requiring heat removal across a wide temperature range. Offering five cooling capacities with a temperature range from -15°C to +35°C, the Merlin chiller platform provides powerful cooling in a reliable and compact design. This chiller features a unique easy-to-view reservoir and user adjustable low and high temperature safety with alarm. The Merlin M75 has an integrated internal pressure reducer and flow controller, which eliminate concern for premature wear and make for easy fluid changes. Translucent reservoir enables quick viewing of fluid level, and removable front panel condenser vent allows for easy access for routine cleaning and preventative maintenance.  Engineered for process-fluid cooling, these feature-packed compact chillers include easy-to-use controls, effortless maintenance, and quiet operation.


- Refrigeration system: Provides CFC-free refrigeration system for precise temperature control and optimum stability
- Hot gas bypass: Extends chiller life
- Reservoir isolation valves: Eliminates reservoir overflow when pumping vertically
- Translucent fluid reservoir: Enables you to view the liquid level and fluid condition at a glance
- Removable front grille: Allows quick release of front grille for routine cleaning
- Integrated fluid pressure and flow adjustment: Meets specific application needs
- Easy access reservoir drain: Allows fast and easy access when changing fluids
- Pressure gauge: Provides fluid system diagnostics at a glance
- Digital temperature controller: Provides intuitive controller with an easy-to-view digital display for simple operation
- High/low temperature safeties: Ensures your application maintains critical operating parameters
- Compact design: Maximizes valuable floor space
- Global compliance ensures user safety

Recommended for:

- Biotech
- Pharmaceutical
- Laser
- Laboratory
- Analytical instrumentation
- Printing
- Semiconductor
- Industrial
- Medical


- Lasers
- Analytical instrumentation
- Printing equipment
- Electron microscopes
- Semiconductor manufacturing
- Medical imaging equipment
- Reaction vessels
- Condensers


- Cooling capacity @ 20°C: 50 Hz; 2180 watts
- Refrigerant: R134A
- Temperature range:
standard: +5°C to 35°C
low temperature option: -15°C to 35°C
- Pumps:
PD 1 – Positive Displacement
PD 2 – Positive Displacement
- Reservoir volume: 1.8 l
- Electrical: 230 V 50 Hz 8.8 A
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 66.4 x 41.3 x 61.0 cm
- Weight: 80 kg

Items delivered:

- Thermo Neslab Merlin M75 Refrigerated Circulator Cooler Chiller
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The unit is in very good cosmetic as well es working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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